Noble WF Sangha,

Maha here. Coach called me earlier today and asked me to communicate that his Internet modem is in transition to other realms, and that it may be a few days before it’s replaced. Until then, he’s without Internet access (unless he can get his laptop working in a coffee shop). So … if you don’t see another Teaching for a bit, or a response to an email you sent him, or a communication if you’re an Online Student, fear not. It’s just another opportunity to Practice Patience!

Actually, let’s take it a few steps further. Many would view a technological glitch like this as a “nuisance” to “struggle” with. However, in Wholistic Fitness, we view such occurrences as Gurus to learn from. In this spirit, I’d like to introduce you to what I’ve just dubbed “Modem Guru” … a timely reminder of one of the simplest yet most powerful WF Practices: Media Fasting!

What’s a Media Fast? As Coach explains in Total Body Transformation, “These are optional meditation practices that truly must be done for those wishing to reach master student levels of this path.”

Novice Media Fast: “You may watch TV, radio, or cinematic forms of media, but are not to watch or read any commercials or listen to any commercials. On this day do not read any newspapers or magazines. During daily life take care not to read billboards, ads on benches, beverages, sports arenas, etc. Note how bombarded you are by media. Personal CDs are allowed; music is not considered media at this level.”

Advanced Media Fast: “You are not to watch, read, or listen to any form of media whatsoever. Personal CDs are not allowed; music is considered media at this level.”

It’s ironic … a few days ago Coach asked you to “Friend” him on Facebook. Today, his modem went kapooie!

There’s a lesson here, it seems: as our lives become more and more intertwined with technology, the role of the occasional Media Fast becomes even more important. If you’ve never experienced a Media Fast, there’s no time like the present! Don’t escape to the wilderness for this one. Be “in the world, yet not of it” as you wean yourself from media for a day. That hunger you’ll feel to check your email, read your favorite blogs, look at your Facebook news feed, listen to your iPod, turn on the TV, and generally see what’s going on “in the world”? You’ll be shocked at just how big a hunger it is.

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  1. Robert Arnold says:

    Practicing Media Fasts well prepared me for a simultaneous phone and computer breakdown within the same week earlier this month. With Wholistic Fitness the stressful situation becomes refreshing!

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