how do you create, maintain, and Serve endlessly to thousands a world class standard of multidisciplined body/mind/spirit fitness for a quarter of a century?

well, you start at the Cellular Level; in other words;
you better damn well watch what you eat,
honor what you eat,
embrace all challenges as a form of nutrition designed to make you stronger!

in this Path; we certainly have the most Accurate Nutritional Path available for you, a Path that has been proven to transform ANYONE because i have been coaching the same Nutritional Path for a quarter century. A Path that enables my faithful Students like Student L’Gate…

to come here to the Sacred Peak from NYC and absolutely step up to a FULL SERVING of Wholistic Fitness for two 12-hour days! more on that tomorrow in DL!

for now, i want to answer this basic “fan mail” letter for you because it is allWays important to revisit the Basics of the clean, Warrior Sharp and effective Path of WF Nutrition.

Hi coach Ilg. I have been reading your book Total Body Transformation, and I love it. I was wondering what your thought of Nutrilite all natural supplements like Double X? They are multi-vitamins. Do you think they would be a good thing to take or not. What is your advice? Thanks a lot!


Fred C Jr.

Most Noble Fred,
thank you for your kind words!

in this Warrior Path, we don’t really use any “supplements.” We rely only upon two critical “nutritional weapons”:

1) the “Secret Herbs” of SUNRIDER (for pranic field saturation, cell cleansing, cell empowerment, immunology, and overall regeneration)
2) BioBuilde® Amino Acids (for maintaining a Positive Nitrogen Balance to ensure lightening fast recovery and optimal training effect insurance).

i have been personally and professionally using SUNRIDER Herbs for 22 years and the BioBuilde® has been making a positive impact on myself and selected WF Students for nearly one year (it is a new product).

to gain access to still complimentary Guidance from me using either the SUNRIDER Herbs or the BioBuilde, you must use my
special links*.

head bowed to your Devoted Practice and THANKS FOR BEING A WF WARRIOR!!!

om so ti,

coach ilg

*interested Warriors need to email me directly to gain my ongoing complimentary Guidance (normally $150/hour consulting fee is lifted for anyone who is an active SUNRIDER or BIOBUILDE warrior under me).

photo 1) Cable Cross-Over Flyes; one of my go-to movements for etching out the pec’s and creating powerful torso response for sport performance. taken two days ago during Day One of Student L’Gate’s Private Intensive which included this fantastic Strength Training clinic and workout in the “Iron Temple.” photo by Ananda who was also working in with us.

photo 2) Student L’Gate, during evening Brahmamahurti in “SABI Meadow” aka; Ilg’s SnowShoe Interval Loop. this shot was taken before we climbed “Coyote Hill” and before we did Starlight Intervals in this meadow beneath an absolutely DIAMOND STARLIT night…the stars seemed to explode right over our head. photo by ilg

For less than some people pay for a bottle of wine; you can spend 1-2 Days with Coach and Ananda, exploring the world of Wholistic Fitness and our Love for your Highest Self and Transformation. Average rating of our Private Intensives; 5 out of 5 Stars. But who is counting stars when there are millions of them dancing before your eyes in one of the worlds most beautiful, pranically powerful and unpolluted areas of Mother Earth?

Why have not you booked your 2007 Private WF Intensive?

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