Go ahead Noble Warriors, take a look at this go(o)d-looking man, especially that treasure of a face. Now, you tell me if we ain’t got another Buddha in our Tribe! God how i love the Peaceful Warriors that this humble, hidden Path brings out of the ether! If only EVERYONE had the courage to study this Path! What a World This Would Be! This is Praneet . You may remember him from a former DL appearance when he first began his stream entry into WF. Well, the WF Bug has bit him BIG TIME and he is totally cranking out the WF Path over in India. Praneet works off of the Chi in DL, my books, and videos. His informal updates to me are just staturated with the Light of an Awakening Warrior whose HeartSpace is so preciously open and full of maha bhakti (great love).

here is Pran(eet)’s email to me the other day. i love this Jewel of a Human and i shower upon his and his wife’s noble sweat much Dharma Blessings for the Inwardly Inclined Path ahead of them.

may this Noble Warrior’s spirit and love filter into your own cells and inspire you Higher than your negative tendencies and lazy habits today. maybe even tomorrow as well.

please note the shining Jewel of WF Impact; it was Pran(eet)’s devotion to the GYM that inspired him to do and complete his marathon! THAT, my friends, is soooo utterly beautifully…WF!

om so ti,
coach ilg

Dear Coach Ilg,

Hope you are well :-)

I wanted to let you know that I completed my first marathon in January this year (the Mumbai Marathon) – it was an exhilarating experience and really allowed me to focus on the stillness within (beyond the burning muscles and warm Mumbai weather) and take in the scene around me – watching mother earth and all the other beautiful souls that were running.

Much to my surprise, my participation in this event created a lot of happiness not just within me, but for my whole family as well – it really inspired me and helped me realize that WF = happiness :-)

Facing my fears and training in the Gym temple allowed me to get to this point.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful message of WF!

My wife is touched and inspired by your message of encouragement to her as well. In fact, I’ve come back to the Greeen Tara program now and she and i will be doing the EEE-GAD session together today :-)

Peace and love,

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