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– certainly one of the world’s most widely tested and capable knees; mine! not just survivors but thrivers from adolescent ultra distance running impact that got me onto national podiums, into the lateral testings of decades of world-level skiing, to the ligamentous tweaks inherent to rock climbing and the twisted wisdom of yoga…my knees have grown only stronger and more supple throughout my life; thanks to my allegiance to the Wholistic Fitness Path. doing only yoga would have made my knees too lax. doing WF keeps them as strong as AirCraft Cable yet supple enough to run or ski up and down high mountains faster than just about anyone else on the planet. such is the wisdom of the multidisciplined path of WF! oh, and check out the new “Sonic” trail running shoe that i am testing for La Sportiva! look for my Product Review on this shoe in an upcoming DL.

WF Teacher Ananda’s knees shortly after i met her and before her WF Journey. when i first met Ananda, she could not do a simple hike without her surgically cut up knees swelling into cantaloupe sized circles of pain and immobility.

– Within 3 years of my WF training of her including allegiance to my 3-Phase Approach to using the SUNRIDER HERBS and BioBuilde amino acids and structured Pranayams designed to increase the Pranic Constitution while decreasing her Kaphic tendencies, Ananda’s now enjoys winning snowshoe races, running races, cycling, hiking, trail running, rock climbing, and skiing like never before. oh, and her yoga practice has never been as strong. Hey, the WF Path is Proven Stuff for 25 years,
all you gotta do? Follow the Path! It’s amazingly powerful and uniquely personal!


Hey Chris!
i wanted to ask you about your knees! How are they?
i just fell into this thread for the first time tonight…

i am an osteopath/healer/an engineer perhaps of the energetic and physical bodies. i have some experience too having blown out my left knee in americam football at the age of fifteen and succumbing to the surgery of the day at 18, which was to pop open the knee and cut and yank out the offending cartilage, and not repairing the medial collateral or the anterior cruciate ligaments that had been completely torn.

to echo what Ananda and EC said already, there is something totally irrational about knees (and the whole of the physical body as well) -one day one’s knees hurt so much just stepping off of a curb onto the street and back up, and then “something” will shift and there you are climbing or kayaking or running again almost pain free!!!! that speaks to the
fact that energy is all there is and the body will follow the energy, healing and reworking itself miraculously. i have seen it in my practice soooo many times and very much in the Journey of my own knee pain. i am watching small miracles happening to me in the WF Path, as i am learning and Practicing a new system of supporting my own Healing.

the secondary chakras (every joint grew within one and has one running through it as a grown up joint) are fascinating and definitely relate to joint health, maybe even control joint health! i have the book by one of my teachers Rev Rosalyn Bruyere, called Wheels of Light that is a good simple refernce and intro to the chakra world. i have been studying and working with them as part of what i do for more than 20 years and i feel like i have barely just scratched the surface…so much to learn and explore! humbling.

having said that, as an engineer of the physical body too, very often the pain can also be the result of simple cause and effect that is easily overlooked- imagine if there is a structural/mechanical problem that needs to be “reset” and restored- in my world, the pelvic relationships are crucial to knee function and nearly always find a particular type of derangement accompanying and i think causing the knee stuff (the old law goes that the sourec of t he problem is almost never where it hurts!)

i am fond of osteopathy as a diagnostic science and a foundation for supporting healing, because on a good day it will not focus on just the symptoms themselves but rather look at them in the context of the whole body, based upon how it is put together and supposed to “work”.
ultimately there seem to always be many different factors causing a problem and preventing healing, and the question always is how many of them need to be addressed before the body can shift and begin to heal?

in Love and Service
WF Online Student steven weiss

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