Keeping the Sacred Peak sacred by sweat and spirit. Engaged Religion and Spirituality looks like this! i first learned by Direct Experience what i would later fashion into the WF Litter Patrol from my Mom and Dad. oh, and yup, you can damn well bet that my own daughter will be raised in this Practice as well! talk about quality time spent with your child while imparting Noble Principles! Long Live the WF Litter Patrol Workout!(see Photo Footnote #1)

Those of you whom have been around WF for a while, are intimate by Direct Experience with our integrated Earth Day Workouts. Some of these WF Teachings include; “Media Fast,” “Litter Patrol,” “Periodic Renunciations,” and “Walk Lightly (Upon Our Mother).”

Most of these Teachings have blessed the Halls of our Online Students for over 20 years. And yes, i wrote about the disappearance of our Bee Beings in DL several years ago. (Einstein warned, “Once the Bees go, Humans have 4 years left.”) Now imagine my reaction when yesterday, Ananda pulled me over to the television and low and behold, Bill Maher – one of the most plugged IN guys around is cashing in on scolding us for being so plugged in and reprimands us for how our use of cell phones is causing “colony collapse disorder” among our Bee Beings and then he scolds us for our addiction to comfort! oh my! Ripples Make Waves in the most peculiar of Ways. i mean, it’s GREAT that Mr. Bill has jumped on the bandwagon…however, how about pulling some research and interviewing those of us who have been doing the grunt work on the front lines for the past quarter century? our tiny Temple has been espousing practical, effort-based Teachings to integrate loving care of our Mother Earth into our scope of fitness long before it’s become Crisis to do so. however,
if Transformation has to be borne from TV and her monetary drivers? well, dat’s life in Kali Yuga, eh?

i recall writing about the WF Litter Patrol, a WF Active Meditation Assignment that instructs us to walk around our block or neighborhood or anywhere and pick up litter mindfully and with Compassion. i wrote, “What if each family in every neighborhood made it a Point of Family Practice to perform one Litter Patrol per month?”

you see, kids get into it. it’s like Easter Egg Hunting. points scored for finding and collecting the most volatile litter. plutonium triggers notwithstanding.

there are so many amazingly effective Teachings within the WF Online Training System. even in my books which i had to write for ‘mainstream consumption’, the WF Lifestyle is portrayed well enough to a degree that if our Nation’s Leaders would somehow come into Contact with WF and make it our National Fitness System it would change and positively impact our entire Planet literally overnight!

and, when elected President, let me just say that i would not reserve appreciation of Mother Earth and Father Sky for one day per year in an era in which our critical fellow Beings are dying due to our obesity upon the planet.

no siree. if WF was our National Fitness System?

everyday would be Earth Day in the most practical yet Sacred of Ways!

ilg for President!

WF: living the meaning of Namaste, since before Americans even knew what the word meant!

May All Beings Awaken
and integrate Conscious Stewardship of our Mother (Earth) and our Father (Sky) into our notions and motions of ‘fitness.’

on this day, i Pray to all Bee Beings and so deeply apologize to the last of These Magnificent Bee-ings on behalf of my idiotic, unAwakened human species. i am sooooo sorry. we are such idiots. let us train wisely for the Bardo that we de-serve.

om so ti,

coach ilg
the mountain yogi

Photo 1) on Dad’s only day off from work, they would toss us kids into the car, drive into Dine bi Keyah (Navajo Land) whereupon we would spend several hours in all sorts of weather picking up a sea of litter from an oceanic pandemonium of roadside litter. i have zero idea of what the Navajo’s must have thought about these whites out there on their reservation, picking up all their shit. oh, and if you are wondering why i am wearing gloves? obviously you need to do a Litter Patrol for yourself. amazing how Uncaring non-Practitioners can be. yesterday’s catch included Dog shit, Human Baby shitted up diapers, beer cans, fast food trash, junk food trash, baby toys, plastic bottles, tarps, and wrappers…the hunting was very rich.

Photo 2) 5 Months pregnant and still picking up other people’s shit; Ananda gettin’ it done. note her use of the Wide Stance to keep ample room for her Swollen Baby! having taught a GREAT HP Yoga class earlier in the day, Ananda’s 45 minute Litter Patrol finished off a great WF Lifestyle day for herself! “Just Do The Practice!”

Photo 3) “this sucks!” i joked as i picked up a plastic straw during our Earth Day Litter Patrol yesterday. there is such a quaint sense of Inner Reward that arises as a training effect from Litter Patrol. and, it is great exercise for the body while earning karmic merit! how long has it been since YOU did a WF Litter Patrol workout? if your Teachers are doing it, can’t you? this is Engaged Yoga!

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