the priceless value of “Sangha”; the community of like-minded warriors – is perhaps one of the most important shining jewels of a Fitness Lifestyle. it’s impossible to stay depressed when you create an environment of friends who understand the necessity of a sweat-based approach to personal growth. clowning around before high-end suffering in a bicycle criterium with my Red Rock Racing teammates. photo by Ananda.

As an Assignment for her WF Online Studies,
Shishya Tina B was to provide an Essay on my recent DL Teaching titled:

Clinical depression VS Clinical elevation

So strong sang the Dharma through her response,
i felt all of us could benefit our Practice today from her words.

It has all-ways confused feeble ilg why the Outer World consistently defaults to
the “Victim Mentality” instead of reaching down,
grabbing themselves by their Mula Bandha,
and use their Holy Water of Sacred Sweat to Rise Above the temporary and natural depressions of
the mind. Vibrational Fitness is what Heals and Empowers. And to Vibrate our Cells and give upward
rise to the dormant Cosmic Power Within (Kundalini), guess what? We gotta get INTENSE:
INTENSE with Breath Control (Pranayama and Cardio and ST and Asana)
INTENSE with using our Dharma Sword of Wisdom to Slay Predictable Patterns of habit and tendency.

There ain’t nothin’ on this plane(t) like the natural, tribal, crazy wisdom of WF
and there SURE as hell ain’t nothin’ on this plane(t) like a WF Warrior!

My work is often imitated, i know…you can stop sending me examples of all the “Ilgitators” as Student Wells
calls them. That does not matter. What matters is you and i and the genuine Nature of our Beloved Path.
Remember what i first Taught you about the notion of WF Lifestyle Principle #3; Appropriate Action =

“Ripples Makes Waves.”

each thought, each action we perform affects all the Guna’s and all the Beings In All The Six Realms.

i’d be honored to die (once again) on the BattleDance Field with any one of you…why?
Because of your Sincere Motivation and respect of our humble, powerful Path since
long, long, loooooong before 1982

Om So Ti,
el coache


Essay #1

Clinical depression VS Clinical elevation

The excuse of being too busy is the excuse of the undisciplined mind. The undisciplined mind is the one which cannot take a m(om)ent and feel it, own it, be it. The busyness of life surrounds us all in it’s own form. It’s how we choose to be in this busy life that makes us each a unique individual. It’s the choice of an individual to fall into the fast paced society and struggle to keep up, or be the individual who sets and sticks to a the appropriate pace. There may be times it’s appropriate to accelerate, to speed up and take it on! There are also times it is appropriate to decelerate and enjoy the scenery and the depth of life.

The mind without discipline will continue full speed ahead with more noise and more chatter until properly trained. This is the state of mind that is continuously wrestling to keep up but always feels left behind. This mind is the mind that looks for the quick and easy solution because there are too many other things to deal with at this time. Oh, the hectic life of a human being. If only there were more time in a day. The constant feeling of being tired, restless, irritable, overweight! If only there was a magic pill that could make things easier… that would be the answer. “Please Doc! Help me! I can’t take it anymore!” Of course the doctor has to get rid of the large quantity of Zoloft the attractive pharmaceutical representative was able to make that large commission off this morning. “Take this pill 3 times a day and let me know how you are feeling in a couple of weeks,” the Doc says. “Be sure to see the receptionist on your way out.” Meanwhile, 2 weeks later the patient walks around the world like a zombie with no feelings positive or negative but life seems to be a bit easier to deal with. Until, hmmm. Let’s see what happens when the pill is not being ingested anymore. What next? The rat race begins again… this time with more force than before.

Rather, the discipline, the practice and training of the mind. There is plenty of time in the day. Enough time to sleep, exercise, eat, work, run errands, be with family, and socialize. Really. The practice of calming the mind, clearing the noise and the chatter, being mindful of the Mind is the key to setting the pace and knowing the ability of one’s self. Taking the time to be with the Self, bringing attention within, and deeply listening, deeply breathing. The diagnosis—Clinical Elevation, brought on by one’s Self. In stillness and in sweat, the practice is always there in every m(om)ent and every breath. Embrace it, own it, live it!

– Shishya Tina B
Santa Monica, CA

photo #2; the clowing around has stopped and utter Zen Mind on the wheel in front of me during a Criterium Race.

photo #3: Focusing the Mind; Seated Alternating DB Curls using my Ku Bottom Form Technique as a “recovery”

photo #4; Warriors UP! HP Yoga Students from my Flagstaff Sangha. I love them.

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