Torn Biceps, Inflamed Spirit

Published on Nov 01, 2007 by in Injuries, Yoga


Your new Teaching schedule sounds exciting! Look forward to taking some classes down the road but I am now recovering from torn bicep surgery. I’ll see you down the road for some serious vinyasa.
michael treptow


Yogi MT!

i can only Trust you have a go(o)d story behind the the torn biceps!
let me know if you need me to hook you up on some Herbs and Aminos to regenerate that tissue
faster than the speed of the sound of OM!

oh, and…feeble ilg does not Teach ‘serious’ vinyasa…i leave that to the Ashtangis and Iyengarites!

i just teach the kinder-garten stuff of FUN AND FOCUS!…
the Nuts and Bolts toward Enlightenment!

see you soon my Tribal Brother,
el coache

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