i ain’t gonna “kid” you;
having a kid is TOUGH SLEDDING…
especially if:
1) you are rookie parent,
2)you don’t have any family within a 500 mile radius,
3) you are running a Self Owned Business in the VERY sketchy ‘field’ of transpersonal fitness training,
4) you are old enough to be a grandparent!

all the more reason why i am so Blessed to have ‘discovered’ Wholistic Fitness which really maximizes every moment and transforms those moments into training m(om)ents.

truly, if being new daddy has brought anything into my Perspective,
it has been the deepening appreciation of
the strength of one’s own Practice integrity.

as the snow begins to fall upon my most cherished season,
the last two months have been focused upon:

1) honoring the fatigue associated with being a rookie dad without family around to help…
2) building run and inline ski skate volumes while maximizing new yoga/meditation Practices streaming to me from my infant baby daughter; absolutely incredible of a Teacher is my precious Dewachen…

i TAF i did pretty go(o)d over these last two months; feeling strong and stoked even when extremely fatigued with fatherhood demands. thank GOD for SUNRIDER HERBS and BIOBUILDE!!!

ST = Strength Training
CV = Cardio
Y = Yoga (Asana only)
M = Meditation
N = Nutrition (kcalories given in total and average daily breakdown)

ST = 6x, 2.5 hours
CV= 32.50 hours (mostly run&skating)
Y = 39.50 hours
M = 34.75 hours
N = 50,575 average; 1631 kcals/day

ST = 9x, 3 hours
CV= 31.75 hours (mostly run&skating)
Y = 43 hours
M = 24.25 hours
N = 45,774 average; 1,525 kcals/day

May your own Practice Stats shimmer with your Self Discipline…

the coach that still does the do

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