InSights from yesterday’s SnowShoe Workout on “Secret Mesa” (it’s really not called “Secret Mesa”…i just like calling stuff “Secret”…always have:

In order to increase the potentiality for spiritual awakening, the wise aspirant regularly seeks austere and ego-humbling exercise, preferably in remote mountain arenas and without the distractions of others or the comforts of too much technology. Sweat and solitude are necessary agents for the surrender of ego, the disciplining of the senses, the heightening of gratitude for a Human incarnation, and the exhaustion of the karmas. It is not that Awakening is easy; far from it. One must be very persevering to execute slow and steadfast slaughter of all lazy tendencies; both within the Sweat and away from it. Should the Grace of the Inner Guru fall upon us, and should we be so Blessed to arouse steadily the Kundalini in a magnificent, chronic rush of spiritual orgasms forever transcending our habituated self, why then; that Practitioner had best done their Inner and Outer Fitness Training in the Highest and most Complete of Ways. Should one area of physiologic or pyschologic imbalance witness such a Kundalini Experience? Insanity will surely be delivered to the unwise Practitioner. Either here on this Plane(t) or in the Bardo. Thus it is my Teaching to you, Oh Noble Seekers of The Middle Path; to perfect physiologic perfection as best as you may; each bodypart must sheen and be in symmetry with your other bodyparts; until this has been done through Strength Fitness, kindygarten is your home. Each unneeded ounce of bodyfat – symbolic of the untethered ego – must be drained from your Body Vehicle until all Kaphic Tendencies have been appropriately whittled. Likewise; until you’ve fashioned a diamond clear mind disciplined from a lifetime average of 9+ hours of Cardio Fitness per week; there will be gapping weakness in your nadic and mental fortitude category. Yet also be thy command of agility, suppleness, and balance supervised by an unflickering Mind; thus enter your Asana and Meditation volumes. And until the duality of hunger and mastery of gross food has been gained? All is naught for the yogic body is a Pranic Body; destined for her ease of return to the Divine Light.

this most feeble of all mountain yogis thus in-courages each of you to throw thyself fully into the Wholistic Fitness Path; the modern version of that most treasured and skillful Path of the High Mountain Yogis who were supremely capable of ultra endurance, conquerers of the dualities of heat/cold, hunger/thirst, stalwart warriors of incomparable strength, functional fitness, and agility…

aye, so it flows;
an unpurified body addicted to food and comfort;
an undiscipined mind addicted to entertainment;
five senses; running here and there;
and an unbridled ego which overwhelms spiritual sense…

we – you and i – have Work to do.
do not seek Enlightenment or Awakening from some ‘Outer Guru’
seek only to improve your Inner Weaknesses; wherever they may be and however deep and slow their karmic workload…

if, by chance, you become ‘good’ at one category of fitness?
place it in your spiritual quiver and then MOVE ONWARD, UPWARD, and EVER INWARD
Oh Noble Genuine Yogi; Seeker Of True Balance and Purity of Self!!!

May Your Practice Be Strong and MultiDisciplined Today…


cell phone photos from yesterday’s snowshoe workout:
#1) the l(one)liness of an endurance yogi. the A-1 Pipeline after a technical ascent of A-1 Mountain

#2) Grandfather Jack Rabbit (center in photo). i have GOT to stop watching “SURVIVORMAN“…still intact after all these years away from my extreme mountaineering days, as i was shoeing up this technical, entangled slope i keep seeing Big Cat tracks in the snow. my feeble Mind started playing games with me; feeling mountain lion perched in all the big snags and ponderosas above and near me. more tracks = more mind games. i was alone; i was vulnerable. my ego wanted to turn around. my Heart wanted the summit. better to die in the fangs of a Mountain Cat than turn around like a sheep and run home. my Sixth Sense, however, was reaching a crescendo; my skin flushed and my sushumna became icy as if in the First Entry of the Bardo…i KNEW a puma, a mountain lion, a mountain cat was staring me down…but WHERE? Just then, to my left as i stepped my snowshoe over another fallen tree; this beautiful, huge, Grandfather Jack Rabbit scared the living begeezus outa this feeble mountain yogi…oh, the snare of Duality!!! i know nothing…Om Mani Padme Hung, i offered to the Rabbit Being. he and i then shared several wonderFull m(om)ents two-gether as the snow fell gently upon our conversation.

#3) working back toward the Trailhead; east toward Mt. Elden whom i know as “Ganesha” as this extinct volcano looks for all the world to me as a monolithic elephant god, protecting the inhabitants of Kinlani.

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