Time Out

Published on Feb 28, 2008 by in DharmaTalk


“In the body of the world, they say, there is a soul. And you are that.”
– Jalal al-Din Rumi

before my next Teaching on Part Two of ENERGETIC INTENT OF ASANA VS. PRANAYAMA, i have to let you know what Brother Raven told me to tell you yesterday.

i was driving home from a nordic skate ski workout. my muscles and limbs still warm with the recent effort among the white flanked ponderosa mountains. since my Mt. Taylor Pilgrimage, i’ve found myself ruminating upon the mysteries of Time and Space…why it’s so hard to get people to slow down, take the time for exercise and more importantly, for meditation. people are so terribly burdened by the crush of time upon their watch-tethered existences.

what more can i do to Help, i wondered. throughout the years, i’ve created scores of ways to help busy people find a Conscious Breath, yet little seems to penetrate.

it was then that Brother Raven dropped into sight. flying east, toward Mt. Elden. Brother flew like a pinpoint right in front of Bala (my Honda Element) and i, in the way porpoises sometimes accompany ships at sea.

Here is what Brother Raven told me to tell you:

“Time is but a melody to the song of your life.”

Practice well today,
Treat yourself well,
May you Listen to your Melody…

the mountain yogi

photo of Raven by WF Master Student Shawna Schaub

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