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WARNING: for you poor souls trapped in an office, this DL could cause Soul Arhythmia…GET OUT AND LIVE BABY!!!!!!

WF Student John Devlin gettin’ devilish with some fantastic telemarks in a secret stash somewhere in the North Cascade backcountry (he ain’t tellin’ exactly where cuz he’s smart…however, he has promised this newly crowned State Champion a private tour! Ha!). this and following photos by;Merle Kirkley

Dear Coach Ilg,

Just wanted to send pictures of a humble student enjoying the fruits of his WF practice. Thank you for everything I have learned from you! Congratulations on your recent podiums.

To the coach that still does…

May winters blessings continue to fall upon you and yours.

You’re an inspiration always!

WF Student Steve Jones and I talk about you often up here in the North Cascades of Washington. Your message has penetrated a remote mountain valley. Humble warriors dance upon her snow covered hills thinking “breath and posture’….”breath and posture”.


Student Devlin

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