What should we “do” with the mind in meditation? Nothing at all.
Just leave it, simply, as it is.
One Master described meditation as “mind, suspended in space, nowhere.”

– Sogyal Rinpoche


For Ananda’s birthday yesterday, we both received a Healing from the
Gaden Shartse Tibetan Monks.

For me, it was welcome and needed step step back in time…surrounded by the familiarly calm swish-swooshing of ochre colored robes up and down narrow halls. and, oh!!! there it is again; that most beautiful, unsurpassed Wisdom Chuckle from these stunningly powerful Beings as they went about their Work with as much float and rhythmic intensity as an Ashtanga Yoga vinyasa. Our holistic Chi-ropractor, David Milgram, who hosts these Monks here in his own office, was also dancing from treatment room to treatment room, as he continued his own great healing ways. this place became a palace of Pranic Waves and the smell and auric feel of the Monks…oh! Is there truly anything more beautiful than being around those Beings who commit their lives to doing good for all Beings In All Realms? when you and i are sleeping? these beautiful powerful Monks are chanting, meditating, and healing others through various ways and Realms.

These exiled Tibetan monks visit Flagstaff regularly, as an ineffable and strong current of all things Tibetan streams, invisible to the eyes of the NonPractitioner, throughout my beloved American Southwest. The high, dry mesas. The stunningly steep snow mountains which pierce oceanic blue skies. This terrain reminiscent to all Tibetans of their now tortured land and people in their “Land of the Snows.”

The Venerable Geshe Kalsang Gyatso was the Head Lama who did our Healing. Common to my Tradition, i will not speak on what transpired in our actual Healing. i will report unto thee, however, of the astral intensities from the Lama whose emanations – astral and through the sounds of His world-class chanting – which bombarded, pelted, soothed, amplified, crushed, pushed, pulled, and purified my”self” in layers of cells, wavicles, particles, vayus, nadis, and chakral fields was a return to Clarity for me on many of those Levels. Let me say, i was so utterly thankful for my WF Training through which i am trained to cement my ego onto my Mantra through unspeakable and chronic pain of training, injury, and spiritual/emotional duress. My entire body/mind was being appropriately and lovingly rocked by The Venerable One. Receiving this Healing required Letting Go and fierce attachment side-by-side; Letting go of intervening thoughts from my ego while tethering my mind to prescribed visualizations and Mantra. though formally trained in contemplative arts by Tibetan monks and having my first wife was a Tibetan Energyworker and my bodyworker and MahaNidraRishi of the Tibetan Lineage…i remain an Endless Beginner while at the Feet of these Empowered Monks. for all my feebleness, however, the Work that i have done on myself over the past decade was in full bloom Awareness during and now, after, this Healing.

However, once an egomaniac ilg, allWays an egomaniac ilg (at least until Enlightenment). After long hours spent residing in the Clear Light of the Lama’s work on us, Ananda and i compared – gently and in full respect of each others’ experience –
notes from our Healing.

I TAF my most memorable moment was when, after the formal Healing was finished, i and Geshe* shared a wonderful “Namaste” moment. He took the time after the ceremony to specifically counsel me regarding the placement of a Medicine Buddha figure that He gave me for my private Zendo. That Geshe took this special moment with me was big. After more auspicious stares into my Ajna Chakra as i backed my way out of the now heavily incensed chamber, Namasting constantly to Geshe, i was further surprised that He motioned at me to stop. He nodded toward my feet. Instantly my world-renowned ego jumped to the forefront of this moment,
“Oh…Gheshe is fascinated by your shoes,” my ego told me convincingly.

i was wearing a pair Vibram Five-Finger Shoes that i received for a Product Review (coming soon to DL)…

“Geshe wants to talk to you about your cool shoes!”

So, i nodded another Namaste to Him and started to lift my feet to begin pointing out the cool features of my shoes…oooooh! i was soooo stoked to have this High, Holy Person so fascinated with my cool shoes…He must really think i’m something special…i betacha He wants to….

Geshe nodded sternly, further directing His stare toward the floor behind me. i looked behind me and there, staring up at me from the floor like my Guru-In-Drag were my sunglasses which i had mindlessly forgotten.

Loka Samastaa Sukhino Bhavantu

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free.”

…and may ilg’s ego – one of these lifetimes – be relieved of its colossal tides…

your coach

photo; coach in Siddhasana by www.waynewilliamsstudio.com

*The geshe degree is a scholarly degree, and should not be confused with the spiritual function of a “lama”; a lama is a person with spiritual insights which allow him or her to spiritually guide disciples. A geshe, on the other hand, is a keeper of the Buddhist knowledge. (From Wikipedia)

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