Caca Forte!

Published on May 28, 2008 by in Chi Hits


WF Master Student (there are only a handful of them walking consciously upon the Plane(t) Michael Cerame…in early spring, 2007 while on a WF Private Intensive here in Kinlani. In the background is Doko Ooosliid.

Dear Coach,
I was eating at an organic restaurant in Brooklyn and they had this quote on the wall:

Mangia bene
Caca forte –
Non avrai paura della morte!

It’s Italian for:
Eat good
Shit strong
You will not have to fear death!

Thought you would appreciate!


Noble ceRama,
why so many choose to Sleep…
choose to wait until the ax falls…

all Paths lead to the One
(especially the Italian Path, perhaps!)


i mean c’mon…how can me…the creator of TOILET YOGA, the endorser of SUNRIDER’s Phase One (bring on the toilet paper!), the creator of EARLY MORNING RITUAL
not totally love this quote!

i brought home tonight carry out from Flag’s new vegan restaurant;
and merged lovingly into a pulse-TAF of you…
came home,
spontaneously opened a few emails while waiting for Ananda,
got this from you!

like i said,

May All Beings Look Themselves In Their Inner Eye
and Take Out The Compassion On Someone Else…

viva la giro!

go Contador!

go ceRama!

do not hide
do not be too hard on yourself
firm, yet forgiving

tis the Way Toward The One,

your loving mountain yogi

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