Good morning Coach!

You do not know me, but I am one humble subscriber of DL. I found you through the website of Hak, whom I found looking for inspiration for endurance training.

In a way, my path to this path was predictable. I have been moving towards it, without knowing it existed. You see, I started out just like anyone. But with low self esteem. I tried to prove myself through basketball, school, etc as a child and adolescent. Then I gave up. I gained weight, and became fat. Then I lost the weight using a well known weight loss enterprise. Then I gained some back. There was something missing in the weight loss program. No matter how many points I counted, how many long walks I took, there was something missing. I started working as an aerobics instructor, but was constantly disgusted with the focus on surface. (I still work as an aerobic instructor, trying to be the change in the business…)

Then I met a skier. Who is also a biker and a runner. He became my best friend and closest compaion. He convinced me to enter the “Vasaloppet”. It’s a 90 kilometre classic ski race in Sweden every year. I trained. I sweated, I cried and I laughed. And I finished it in 8 hours and 24 minutes. Now I’m in training for a 300 kilometre bike thing on June 13th. None of this would have happened had I not come across you and the wholistic fitness path. It was my missing piece of the puzzle.

I was looking for wholeness. Not separated pieces of life. Because nothing is separate.

I am not claiming to even be a student of the path, I am a student in the vincinity of the path! I royally suck at Yoga and the Green Tara program in your TBT book seriously kicks my ass. I am trying to look graceful, but frankly, the birds who are watching me do it are laughing! I no longer practice only what I am good at. I have dropped aerobics classes in order to run and bike and ski. I have dropped TV for yoga practice. I have abandoned swedish meatballs for kidney beans.

My entire life has changed since last summer, and I am forever grateful. For the first time ever I feel at home with myself. I could tell you that I have lost weight, and that I look better than ever, but it is simply not important. My body is doing what it was supposed to do, it is celebrating LIFE! It is perfect in every sense, since it does what it is supposed to.

I would love to apply to be an online student, but I am nowhere near that yet. I am slow but stubborn. I am working my way towards the way. But trust me, one day I will apply.

I am sure that you get mails regarding changed lives every day. But I just wanted to let you know how much your work has improved the life of a woman in Sweden. Nothing is impossible.

Head bowed



Coach’s Note:
after reading this amazing letter to Ananda, and after wiping off the Divine Tears which Hanna’s words released, i wrote her immediately, thanking her for her Metta and asking if i could share her Loving Kindness and amazing Warriorism with you all. here is what she wrote back:

Oh My! The coach wants my picture! ; )
I am humbled that you would share my words with your warriors.

Thank you for all that you do! WF was what kept me on the road in the rain and cold for more than two hours yesterday with my trusted Canyon. A shower is never as good as when it has been earned through sweat and frozen feet!

From the land of cold and beauty I bow


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