On Listening To Our Life Vinyasa

Published on May 05, 2008 by in WF Philosophy


“Just Listen.”

– The WF Bible by coach ilg – note the complete absence of Ignorance Pods (aka; iPods). Who can concentrate on one’s Mantra, on one’s Highest Self Within when addicted to external enterTainment instead of innerAttainment?

We should know at this point in our Practice, i mean, if you are still traveling with me in whatever degree up this Steep and Direct Path of WF, that the warrior who is affected by all matters in our present day ‘vinyasa‘ or ‘flow of life’ – regardless if the matters be big or small to our perception – is moved by them eventually becomes miserable, disappointed, afflicted, and hypocritical.


Because our natural state of ananda or Divine Bliss is suppressed.

Lose our conscious Breath and Posture (WF Lifestyle Principle #1) during life vinyasa and we lose our ishwara or sense of Go(o)d.

Lose our conscious attention to Mula Bandha and what happens? our Pranic Vibration slows to nothing. we age. we get caught in the trap of the Outer World and lose our go(o)dness while our weaponry for Enlightenment becomes dwindled over and over.

Remember Oh Mighty Limb’d Sangha;
the Practices that i have Taught you – from elegant lifting form in the gym or while keeping the Tribal Mantra close while hammering CV Intervals and even to the more ‘austere’ routines of Early Morning Rituals (EMR) will take you across all obstructions and afford you sneak peaks into the Energetics of Enlightenment…

Today, Oh Noble Warrior of the Inner and Outer Workouts do this:
Remain in tune with yourself through each condition of your life vinyasa…
trust in your Breath and Mula to travel beyond dualistic tendencies.

Be like an indomitable rock; use intervals to develop this one-pointed concentration.

Be only a Witness; use meditation efforts to cultivate this detachment.

Be only a Seer; use these DL’s, the SanghaLounge, and Sacred Scripture to keep your inSight more accurate than your eyesight.

Delete the conditioned illusion that you are the Doer. Now.

Not tomorrow…
Right Now;
be Free.

“Listening is a far more difficult process than most people imagine. Really to listen in the way that is meant by the masters is to let go utterly of ourselves, to let go of all the information, all the concepts, all the ideas, and all the prejudices that our heads are stuffed with. If you really listen to the teachings, those concepts, which are our real hindrance—the one thing that stands between us and our true nature—can slowly and steadily be washed away.”
– Sogyal Rinpoche

photo; in my new life as a Father Warrior, i don’t do hard CV training to win races. i’ve got enough trophies. now, i’ve got to be really tough; i’ve got to do hard CV in order to stay Free. whatever it takes…whatever it takes…

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