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“While unperishing love melted my bones,
I cried,
I shouted again and again,
louder than the waves of the billowing sea,
I became confused,
I fell,
I rolled,
I wailed,
Bewildered like a madman,
Intoxicated like a crazy drunk,
so that people were puzzled
and those who heard wondered.”

– Manikka-vacakar’s 9th century love songs to Shiva
Manikkavacakar means; “He whose utterances are rubies”

Why is this WF Devotee smiling so stupidly?
Because it’s his BIRTHDAY, and he always does something “stupid” on his birthday!
And if you REALLY want something stupid, then enlist the Crazy Wisdom of coach ilg for your Birthday stupidity!

Come on, Oh Mighty Limb’d Warrior of Modern MultiDisciplined Yoga…
come along with me as i share with you some Birthday Fun for Most Noble WF Warrior, Ben “Patki Das” Sullivan this past Sunday…

as Patki says, “Stupid is, as stupid does!”

Last Friday Patki Dass rang the local Gong;
“Hey all, it’s my birthday, so on Sunday i figured in keeping with my “Stupid does,” philosophy, i’d ride around the peaks…wanna come?”

Now, the “Ride Around The Peaks” means a 50-mile jaunt around the Kachina Peaks. That sounded only mildly interesting to me…so i came up with another notion…i emailed Patki and said i’d start with him however i might do something else along the way…

Four Warriors showed up on Sunday for Patki’s Birthday Pilgrimage; my RRR teammate, GP and William, another elite racer. Patki’s Plan was to ride all the way up “Waterline Road” which is a 25-mile, 5,000′ climb into the highest reaches of Abineau Canyon on the east side of the Peaks. From there, he’d turn around, descend for about 5 miles,
take a left and keep going around the Peaks. A huge day in saddle. me? i was interested in the snowfields still gracing the north-eastern flank of the Sacred Peak. so, i did what any other WF Warrior Idiot would do; i packed my Mini-Ski’s and joined the boyz for the tool up Waterline…photo; Patki Dass smiles a birthday smile at 2/3’s up Waterline in the Inner Basin, elevation; 9,400′. Here, tired endurance athletes can drink untreated, beautiful spring water straight from the snowmelt.

nearly 3 hours of climbing later, we reach the end of Waterline Road which t-bones directly into the Sacred Peak’s northeast face. elevation; 10,400′. note my treasured, Mini-Ski’s in my pack…see DL Archives for my extreme high peak antics using this ‘kid skis.’ the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is over my right shoulder, the Painted Desert and Hopi Land over my left.

Birthday Boy and GP at the high point of Waterline Road. the snowfields that i have been dreaming of skiing adorn the Sacred Peak…yum, yum, yum!

at this point,
the Boyz were supposed to turn back and continue their jaunt around the peaks. William got here, and saw what i wanted to ski and just left, shaking his head. He went back home. GP and Patki however, followed me up toward the snows…GP did so cuz, “I feel like ilg is going to kill himself and i should here to help,” while Patki was nearly wetting his lycra in excitement…they both followed me up into the wilderness toward the Sacred Snows…

before too long, i found a nice patch of gully snow upon which to practice being stupid in June; skiing on kid’s ski’s far, far above the rest of the common world of worried men…Patki could not contain himself and trading slalom runs with me…Above, i strap on the Mini-Ski’s for my first run…note my holding of my tired hamstring from the 25-mile climb to get to this snow!

check me out! doing my Bode Miller best!
check out our Pine Tree Slalom Gates!

…then, it was up the slope again, so Patki could take a run…

…check out Patki’s classic SNOWSHOE THOMPSON style!!!

“…I became confused,
I fell,
I rolled,
I wailed,
Bewildered like a madman,
Intoxicated like a crazy drunk,
so that people were puzzled
and those who heard wondered.”

…Birthday Boy Patki receives his present! High Country fun!!!
“MAN, this is fun!” Patki exclaimed to the Gods, “I could do this all day!”

“Hey,” i reminded my precious Tribal Brother, “Stupid is, as stupid does!”

The Boyz were then too tired to go around the Peaks, so we descended like madman back down,
into the world of worried men…
some of whom,
have never
by High Peak Pran
like crazy drunks…

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