Think INSIDE The Box (literally)!
Dewachen Ilg, 13.5 months – riding in her Princess Boat named, “LADY RINPOCHE I”. photo by ilg. do not republish.


I wanted to check in and say hello. I hope you are doing very well and
enjoying the autumn in Flagg. I’m sure it’s beautiful w those high desert
pines..and I’m sure you are out IN IT more than most ; )

The hands are still having issues. Much better than before but any
typing/lifting causes some deep pain. I’ve been doing the “Energy Vents Routine” you
sent me. Very helpful.

I had a question if you don’t mind. I had an MRI done ( my neurologist
recommended it ) and they found my C2 and C3 vertebrae were slightly
protruding out from the back of my spine. The physical therapist said it
would be best not to move my head much forward or backwards. I’ve been
having some major tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck however and
I long for the regular yoga routine, which does involve a lot of movement
in the cervical vertebrae.

What do you think would be helpful? Do you think those cervical movements
would push the discs out further? I know the western medicine folks
aren’t always the wisest, but I’ve been cautious w/ my HP yoga poses.

It’s a crazy thing because it’s in my hands, arms legs and feet. My
naturopath said it may be an infection that started in my tooth and I am
trying to take care of that with goldenseal.

The more I do – the more it hurts. I’m not one to back away from a challenge
but I wonder if I risk hurting myself more w/ the yoga at the moment. I
guess the balance when to push and when to be gentle with yourself is a
bit hard to find given these circumstances.
If anyone knows I’m sure it is you with your wealth of experiences.

I have to tell you one thing that hit me about your Pranic Junkie book was that you
said you had declared bankruptcy twice. Honestly that’s what’s in store
for me in a couple months here. I’ve been doing all sorts of research on
it. Anyway, it helps me hold my head a bit higher knowing that even the
coach could face financial hard times that way. If it’s a sensitive issue
for any reason I don’t want to pry – but I would love to know what your
thoughts about it are – and how it applied to the different levels of your
life and heart.

Thanks for sticking to your inner path and for the inspiration that brings!


Most Precious Brother D

well, i don’t know if your questions fit into my complementary guidance for MAP Amino Acids
however, i will say this much:

never allow FEAR to overcome thy Heart…

know this in your Heart as well:
the Deities are Testing your sincerity in Faith and Trust…
your challenges right now are necessary karmic clearing of the Lower Chakras (1,2,3)
Do NOT back down from these Divinely sent challenges!
you have asked for these spiritual barbells, so LIFT THEM to get stronger!

• keep doing the Energy Vents Session x 2 weekly
•take the INJURY INTAKE guidelines for MAP
•do the Early Morning Ritual

have Faith in Thyself
live the spirit of your soul’s SongDance…

head bowed,

your feeble ilg

send it in…maybe it will appear on DL to help others!

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