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We must all-Ways remember, Oh Mighty Limb’d Warriors of our Precious Path,
that we were born from,
are sustained by,
and will return again to;
Divine Light is our Nature
for we have done enough SoulWork
throughout these last few eons
to have earned a Human Incarnation…

Human Beings are a Solar Tribe…
that is,
we were created by The Light…
those of us who do the Bardo Practices –
that is, those of us who train to sustain Consciousness Filaments through our Death Entry,
work a lot with Light…
we reMember It…

we are drawn again and again toward the Light
throughout this life…if we reMember…
Meditation and all the Purification Practices i have taught you
are merely reMemory Enhancers
for our embrace of the Light…

…so never fear a return to the Darkness;
for you, Oh Noble Shishya, have done the Inner Work
to Rise Above the Darkness;
just don’t forget the Golden Rule of Rising Higher:

“Love all,
Serve all…

loving, loving,
giving, giving,
dedication, dedication.”

that is all.


your feeble teacher

i caught this Light Event last night after taking a shower and preparing for an evening Brahmamuhurti Meditation Practice. Ananda was outside and shouted,
“Pea! look at the moon! Dewa has been walking toward it, giggling all this time!”
so, i grabbed my camera (thank you Student Hutchinson!) and, buck naked, squatted for some time in the snow doing my best to capture these images for you…Dewa has inherited the Hopi tradition of not giving it up for a camera, so i was waiting and waiting for Her to crack a small smile as my toes sunk deeper into the snow…enjoy!
photos 1&4: Ananda and Dewa and Moonrise over Mt. Elden
photo 3&4: Evening Brahmamurhurti over Wing Mountain

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