“I don’t think we are all going to sit around and sing ‘Kumbayah’.”
– Armstrong is aware of the strained relationships with the Tour de France.
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Some people think i can’t be “won over.”
Not true.
You know that Boy Band dude, Lance, on “Dancing With The Stars”…
yup, he’s winning me over.
First, my lifelong ‘lockerroom mentality’ just thought he was punk and
my old, archaic egoic habit pattern just wanted to punch him, and get him
off the show so i could concentrate on the real appeal of the show; Brooke.

however, Lance is coming around; he’s bringing the chi and peaking at the
right time. i can respect that, as a competitor. and, he’s processing a lot
of emotional stuff right in front of millions…so is the other little punk.

by the way, if you think i tune into “Dancing” for the Dharma, you’re wrong.
it’s Joy that watches it. heh, heh.

there is a another Lance that is slowly winning me over; Lance Armstrong.
love him or hate em, you gotta respect the Texans’ authoritative chi. as a
SW Coloradan, i was weaned to hate Texans. they wrote TEXAS in our snowbanks
and flooded our ski areas with their collective unzippered jackets and stem christies. when we told them, “If God wanted Texan’s to ski, He woulda given you all a mountain.”

to which they replied, “If we wanted a mountain, we’d buy one.”

and they did. several. (can you say, Wolf Creek Expansion Project?)

working on my Unconditional Love and NonDualistic Tolerance, i went to my main cycling website:


to check up on Sir Lance-A-Lot…the guy is cracking me up as he prepares for a return to competitive cycling this season…

i figgered y’all might enjoy some Chi Hits from this clever Upa Guru On A Bicycle.

and, i do mean, “y’all”…

head bowed,

NM State Cycling Champion and lover of two-wheeled, self-propelled vehicles


“Of course, the subject of Armstrong’s possible participation in the 2009 Tour de France was a hot topic. “I want to say that I am not trying to be coy. I am not playing games with them [ASO], with the fans, the media. I simply don’t know and I am not in a hurry to decide.” said the seven time champion.

“I am realistic about a lot of things when it comes to the Tour and I know there is tension between the French fans, French media and certainly with the organizers. And I don’t want to deal with it now or perhaps even in July. I don’t think we are all going to sit around and sing ‘Kumbayah’.”

“So, I have to find this balance of ‘do I want to try to go for an eighth Tour or help the team win a Tour’ or ‘do I want to help further the international cancer campaign’ and all this over the animosity that exists.””


So what does he believe is behind the French anti-Armstrong mentality? “I think the way that I raced the Tour, the methodical robotic approach to racing; not showing emotion; not showing pain, suffering or ease. It’s not a popular style of racing in France.”

“To them, panache is the guy who suffers swinging all over his bike looking like he is about to fall off. I never found that to be an effective way to try and win. To me it was also a game you played with the competitors and their coaches and the directors and the fans. We were always using that to our advantage. They [the French] didn’t enjoy that,” said Armstrong.


Recently, German rider Linus Gerdemann said that Armstrong’s return may not be in the best interest for the sport’s credibility.

“He’s right, I am older. I raced with Sean Kelly, Stephen Roche, Miguel Indurain and Greg Lemond of all people. I have been around a long time and I don’t know who the hell Linus Gerdemann is, but I know that when I rolled up in 1992, I started winning races. And when I roll up in 2009, I am gonna be winning races. He better hope he doesn’t get in a breakaway with me because I can still ride hard,” said the Texan.


sounds like Lance could use some HP Yoga for his Off Season Training…listen to this, precisely the type of sport-specific imbalance that is created in world-class athletes who don’t train wholistically:

“I have this hump in my back and I can’t rotate my pelvis to straighten it out. I will go longer, narrower and more behind the hands if I can,” said Armstrong.

“Last Saturday I tried a whole new position, seat back, nose of the seat up, elbows very narrow and bars low and I couldn’t pedal the bike. So Sunday we went with nose of the seat down, moved the seat forward, widened the elbows and raised the bars. It was still fast but not as fast. However it felt infinitely better. So if you are 5% slower in the tunnel, but you gain 25% of your power back, that’s what I mean about the perfect intersection of power and position,” said Armstrong.

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