i bow to your Path.
i bow to your Teachers…all of Them who led you Here Now.
depending upon your Level of Awareness; everyone, everything is a Guru.
anything that has brought you to tears,
brought you to your knees,
kissed you on the lips,
made you shiver in Fear,
quake with Love…
those are Teachers in your exquisite life…

your Awareness is your built-in Guru.

twenty students came to my yoga class tonight; we shared laughter, light, sweat, and stillness. i told them they were the stars upon the sky, the snow upon the Peak, i told them i know nothing, i told them they already arrived at everything.

Yoga = Wholeness.
in Sanscrit, Wholistic Fitness is known as; NavanYoga…the Nine-limbed Path of Union.

WF is a very high form of yoga for it honors that most excruciatingly humbling realization and pivots all of Her work from it:

development of one physiologic capacity for the sake of spiritual growth
leads to imbalance, not wholenesss.

train the entire physiology; that is Union.
that is Yoga.
strength, cardio, yoga, meditation, and mastery of (physical) food.

a balanced physiology leads to a balanced inner anatomy.

only a balanced and well-cultivated inner and outer anatomy and physiology
sets up the genuine and safe Kundalini progress…
the safe Union of Shakti with Shiva
Prakriti with Purusha
you with me.

the Bardo is overcrowded with Souls undeveloped,
paltry strings of undernourished Atmas
happenstance taking new incarnations.

not you.

for your Practice is grounded.
you know that running away from a Dragons fiery breath
only reduces your own…
and you’ll need that fiery breath to breathe life
into your cold corpse and Begin Again
the Ascent,
the swimming upstream,
the snowshoeing up through hip deep powder under the cold blanket of stars…

feeble ilg bows to you
thirty years i created this Path to meet you,
to learn from you,
to listen
to listen
to listen
It All…

for eleven years everyday i climbed;
fall and spring…

one motto;
“climb what you want,
want what you climb.

from age eleven to twenty i skied nearly everyday there was snow;
from October to April;
nordic ski jumping,
cross country racing,
alpine racing; slalom, giant slalom, and downhill.
in between i’d tele ski high peaks,
sometimes into

one motto;
“ski what you want,
want what you ski.

now, having survived those extreme years,
adrenal glands now long diluted;
and finding yoga within the domestication of new DaddyHood
i find myself still climbing
toward you
toward Enlightenment…

that’s what i want to climb;
the Peak Experience of a Human Realm;

For whom are you Practicing?
For what are you Practicing?

if you don’t know…that’s okay.
few do.

here tonight,
beneath the Sacred Peak…the Arunchala of Turtle Island…
i say unto Thee:

you do Know.

dat’s why you are still Here Now…
with me…

let noThing stand in the Way of your Sadhana.
make everyThing become the Way of your Sadhana.

i bow to you.

i love you.

– el coache

1) a Beach hit from my LA days.
2) thin conditions; tele skiing. photo by Ananda.

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