Flagstaff Nordic Center – Sunday, February 1, 2009

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After 3 consecutive weekends of racing in three different winter sports, covering race distances from 10k to 42k, and canvassing 700 miles of travel, Coach cashed in on his final event before the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon by repeating as Champion in the Flagstaff 10k Nordic Ski Race held today. “It must be a day for the Arizona underdogs! What next? Wait, don’t tell me,” said Ilg, “The Cards win the SuperBowl?” the 46 year-young Ilg smiled, shortly after collapsing on the Finish Line from his effort. Coach’s effort put him 3.5 minutes in the Series lead for the Arizona Nordic State Ski Championship, the final race, a 10k Skate Race, will be held February 22nd.

“I dedicate my training for and effort of today’s top step of the podium to New “old daddy’s” Everywhere…and to my Beloved Partner Ananda, who might just be the most amazingly conscious new mother during the Kali Yuga…my daughter sure knew which Human Being to pick as her m(om)!…this one is for New Daddies and New M(om)mies everywhere; May we choose to accept our chi-ldren for the Gurus that they are…and use our Training wisely to keep up with their Teachings!”

– Coach Ilg, m(om)ents after tearing the lungs and legs off the field by nearly 4 minutes at the Flagstaff 10k Nordic Ski Race, event number one of two to defend Coach’s hold on the Arizona State Nordic Championship title. Ilg won the race in wire-to-wire fashion, repeating his Overall Victory at the same race last year. photo of Coach and 16 month-old Dewachen by Ananda.

“I pretty much double-poled the entire course in 42 minutes of a flagellant disorder ,” Ilg said, “I have a lot of domestication-of-selfish-ilg issues in my tissues right now. i needed an old fashioned self-bludgeoning. Nordic Classic is an endurance sport where i can finally unleash my upper body aggression. Today was a perfect purge.”
above photo: Coach and Teresa Hunt, who also repeated as Champion. Full Race Reports coming from Coach for DL Subscribers only. photo by Tim Allen

Coach will return to his DL Service as soon as his lats de-pump allowing his hands to fit onto the keyboard.

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