“If time truly is endless, we are very wrong to think of it as a straight line that stretches from a distant past to the most remote future. That line simply has to be curved. Sooner or later, it must meet itself and form a circle. Only circles go on forever.
Perhaps, as we are participants in the journey of eternity, this explains why our own lives tend to go round in circles too. Circles within circles, within circles. Don’t be drawn away from the greater arc that you are now trying to describe. Think big and remember what really matters.
– Jonathan Cainer

photo 1: i enjoy the Ai Imawa Posture; Earth/Sky while in one of Turtle Island’s most ancient ‘ball parks’ at the Sinaguan ruins of Wupatki National Monument near Flag. photo by Ananda.

photo 2: Delicate Arch, Moab, Utah. photo by Coach.

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