7 Dharma TAFs

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this picture gets my “Living and Dying In Kali Yuga” award for the week…the photo shows the tens of thousands of ‘satellite debris’ now in orbit around our Mother. over the next decade a large percentage of this debris will be rocketing toward our homes down here on our Earth Mother. Yogic scriptures predicted that our imbalance of creating Outer Technology while ignoring Inner Spiritual/Consciousness Development will result in Shiva’s Big Dance upon Humans. WF Assignment today; pick up a piece of litter with your Non Dominant Hand as a gesture of compassion for our Species avidhya (spiritual ignorance).


here is what the mother of your child wants to hear from you:

“You know what sweetie? let’s say we knock off the television tonight,
climb onto the couch and just talk and snuggle a bit in front of the fire i made?
i’ve already done the dishes, yes, even the baby bottles, and i still have some
energy to rub your shoulders…what do you say?”

how Steep and Direct of a Path is that for must of us guys?

four words;

SUPER Steep,
SUPER Direct.

the Yang (male) Partner has countless genetic pulses – strong ones – that enforce
the Single Tasking of one thing at any given time for ‘his’ partner/family:

that’s it.

attaining lower chakral manifestations of shelter and food (today’s version is more easily recognized as “money and more money”) for ‘his’ Clan is tantamount.

for the Yang Partner to flip instantly between Warrior mode of Hunting
and Incredibly Sensitive ‘Guy’ (which is precisely what New Daddies must constantly do)
requires demanding skills within the inner development realm.

ilg bows to Conscious Daddies the world over.


what do you call a really, really good looking pickle?

a CuteCumber.


“what’s my favorite curse word?” some people ask ilg, as if ilg was being interviewed by that enigmatic dude who hosts “INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO”.

reckon people wonder what a yoga practitioner of 30 years and veteran of many a lockerroom has to say about cursing.

first: yogis are trained to overcome Duality, so ilg is always working on not having ‘favorites’.

secondly: if pressed? here is ilg’s favorite curse(d) word;
Made In China


if a fireplace lovingly crackles in the other room
while you are updating your FaceBook profile,
does anyone hear it?

what IS the sound of a fire crackling if everyone is too busy in their minds to hear it?

let alone,
appreciate it to their bones?


ilg’s most often invoked quote upon hearing the Outer World’s talk of “Recession.”

“I was too poor to eat.
They said i was fasting.”
– Gandhi


ilg’s TAF about the Outer World’s obsession with Recession:

“well, it certainly is not anything to lose your Mula Bandha about.
and it certainly will only strengthen the rasas of Wholistic Fitness Teachings and Transmissions!”

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