“Leave it to my coach ilg to be the first person on the planet to become neurotic over wholeness!”
– WF Master Student “Tatavati”


“I enjoyed class immensely last Tuesday! Thank you so much. How much fun there is to have in the cave!
I just want to tell you, that I feel very privileged to get to work with you, and to introduce others to your training philosophy. Thank you for making this accessible and oh so glorious!


“Namaste Most Noble One,
first, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Nordic State Championship! i am deeply grateful to you for pounding the path and inspiring me so much. i will begin again and again and endlessly again
you are a master
head bowed
– ex online student
(who hopes to be a real student again someday!)
Great Britain


“WOW! It’s ALWAYS SOMETHING DIFFERENT with you, isn’t it? That Slow Flow class {last Tuesday} was technical! I LOVED it!”
– RB

Okay, so perhaps i have followed strange women in Big Cities and strange sports in High Peaks…no more strange than you and i meeting together each week in our Beloved Practice Cave, whisking our determined Ujjayi breath back and forth, scraping like a hooded cloth against our inner walls, erasing, cleansing the ‘issues in our tissues’. Coyote? Why, he’d just smile slyly at us as he pranced back to his special spot beneath the moist, March moon…

see you in the Cave,

above photo by Steve Ilg, taken past Saturday, near Parks.

March 2, 2009 –

Tuesday w/Steve
5:30-7:00pm; Strong Flow
i haven’t taught a Strong Flow in a while cuz of all
the ski racing, however, i’m thinkin’ it’s time…buckle up and let’s FLOW, baby! Includes a massive
shoulder/hip opener and IT BAND stretch. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday w/Joy
9-10:30 am; Slow Flow

Thursday w/Steve
5:30-7:00pm; HP PROP Workout
special focus; i don’t know yet. my calves are still “feeling well trained” from last week!

Friday w/Joy and Dewa
9:15-10:00 am; Lil Yogis (a Mommies & Me Yogic Adventure)
Final Class of this session. Due to popular request, Session #2 begins early April, tell all those new mommies and daddies you know and get them to sign up! Contact NAYC Front Desk for more information…and congrats to the graduating class of NAYC’s first ever; Lil Yogis Class!

above photo of coach doing “PadmaCrunches” by James Q. Martin…click on photo for his website.

HP PROP WORKOUT 101; Treasuring The Training Effect

Coach Steve Ilg, creator of the exclusive ‘HP PROP WORKOUT®’, cranking through “Blocked Knee Drives”, a hallmark HP PROP vinyasa. Photo by Wayne Williams. HP PROP WORKOUTS have reversed chronic pain and injury for many as well as being a pivotal training component among State, National, and World Champions across the globe for well over a decade. Each Thursday, Flagstaffians can take advantage of this unique Asanic Workout which complements ALL forms of asana, sport, and occupations.


How come it’s Tuesday and my calves are still sore from our PROP WORKOUT last Thursday?”

A gem cannot be polished without friction. A bridge and a building are made of the same composite materials, yet they differ radically in appearance and function.

When i poured years and years of sweat and spirit into developing my HP PROP WORKOUTS, i did so with the Divine Intention of developing and using WHOLENESS to Heal and to attain sport podiums in more physiologically-diverse sports than any other sport-specific athlete. After gaining some amount of coordination into my paralyzed left side (courtesy of the “Diamond” on Longs Peak, Colorado), sweat-based Insight led me to use Yoga Blocks not as a ‘crutch’ but as spiritual weaponry to further my Self Healing and Self Empowerment. That is why we, in Wholistic Fitness®, use our Speech Awareness Practice, not to use the negative Word Choice, “sore“, when referencing a completely appropriate and needed training response.

Muscle ‘soreness’ comes from muscle or connective tissue ‘abuse’ which goes against the first yogic principle of Ahimsa, or non-harming. Soreness is a cellular tearing accompanied by a toxic physiologic response.

Athletes, however, must – at times – consciously drill a performance that will result in muscle soreness. In training however, the mature athlete and certainly the yogically-inclined warrior, should never train to the point of soreness. That ain’t training, that’s ignorance. More often than not, the WF Maxim of ‘Less is More’ is the golden rule of lifelong training.

We must listen to the language of our bodies. Conscious Breathing is our Inner Teacher. This breath-based learning takes time. In most cases, lifetimes. Settle in for the long run. Do not rush Inner Tutoring.

Adopting a progressive training plan which moves the athlete or spiritual warrior through systematic periods of high intensity followed by low intensity and decompression phases is vital. That’s what coaches are for; to help you understand the cyclic rhythms of Peak Performance. Unfortunately, most ‘coaches’ are trained only in specificity, not wholeness. If you are chronically getting “sore” instead of “well trained” or experiencing chronic aches and pains and cramping it probably means your cellular fitness (nutrition) is off. In WF, i all-ways start my ‘coaching’ from the cellular level which includes potent and ancient whole-food, regenerative herbs along with amino acid supplementation and lifestyle guidelines.

Until our bodies become more Pranically saturated, we remain slaves to the dense vibration of the muscle/oxygen system instead of the Awakened Grace of the much Higher and effective Pranic/Nadic system.

Using the HP Yoga Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday class system in place at NAYC (and available in DVDs for your out-of-town friends and family), you will be assured of a great, safe, and wise way to slowly shift your body toward the yogic goal of JivaLaghuvata or ‘a yogic body of Light.’

Online and private consulations are always available, if you would enjoy myself or Joy to take a look at the Wholeness of your training toward Awakening and…never forget the summit; Enlightenment!

Onward, Upward, and endlessly Inward,


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