Namaste beloved coach:
I started my HP journey in mid-august, 2008 with your HP PROP WORKOUT® …i was still searching for a teacher having only been in Flagstaff for 1 1/2 months. i used to “hate” ab work. your charisma and humor inspired me, and got me hooked…
– Julie “the petticoat yogini” M

(Corpse Posture)…

There is a time for letting go.

you know that ilg is a fierce teacher of ‘corpse pose.’

no fidgeting. corpses don’t move.

no thinking. corpses don’t think.

there are several different states of Shavasana which i’ll detail in an upcoming HP Yoga Update.

at her most elemental Level of understanding, Shavasana is a shucking of the ego. the trick to jettisoning our ego is not unlike skiing fast and smooth- you’ve got to accept the steepness of the slope. skiing requires a certain surrender to the steepness, a relaxation into speed, trust, and – most of all – Faith.

simarilarly, a well performed Shavasana demands a relaxation of our Soul back to Her Source. only during Shavasana does our body shift into an anabolic (cell building) state. even Lions must rest to gain greater strength.

if we think Zazen is tough,
Shavasana is tougher.
at least in Zazen we get to anchor
our mind.
in Shavasana,
we let go of mind.

that’s steep and very direct terrain.

yogic philosophy speaks of egoism (that ever-squealing aspect of our Self which insists upon seeing only separateness instead of union) as a ‘contraction’ or ‘tension’ in our Soul
(Atman). When i coach you to ‘relax completely’ and then proceed to patrol about our darkened Cave like a lynx in that luscious lingering of darkness during Shavasana, i’ll sometimes test the flaccidity of your limbs. if you find it difficult to relax the superficial tensions of jittery nerves, than – i have to tell you – it is impossible to relax the karmic tension which grips the deep core of our own being.

“In the end
these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?”
– Siddhārtha Gautama

i’ll see you in the Cave,

– your fiercely loving coach

above photo of joy in Snow Canyon, Utah by steve ilg

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Onward, Upward, and endlessly Inward…

your feeble teacher,

coach steve ilg

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2 Responses to “HP Yoga Asana Study; Shavasana…There Is A Time For Letting Go”

  1. Sandra Lee says:


    Most times when I am in Shavasana, my third eye starts…. how do i say this….going deep. I start flowing with colors of purple, turquoise and it swirls and swirls into a place that is nothing but swirls.
    I am not sure how to explain it all….

    so when you say no fidgeting, i know when the swirls are many i start to follow them. and I know my body moves with it…

    should i be so still?


  2. Sandra Lee says:

    ..sometimes they are not swirls, but are pebbles, stones, and gem-like things that “float” and have certain vibrations

    good night

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