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March 30, 2009

“Thanks Coach for all the direction with my Practice, loving it & what my practice doing for me in all facets of life. I have begun applying the HP Mudra you taught us and it immediately deepened my morning Practice! Namaste”


“O’ Noble Coach many thanks for your help in class, it is paying dividends in my other activities/life – many thanks!”
yogi Q


“Thanks for another wonderful HP PROP WORKOUT….felt good to be back. Zach was totally into it as well. Wow. Exploring all new territory. So very intense, and I felt amazing afterward. I felt stellar and my knees have been feeling wonderful…. Oh the wonderful work of WHolistic Fitness! Have a lovely weekend!”
yogini k

photo; “Dewa feet, Ananda hand”
by steve ilg

HP YOGA® CLASSES THIS WEEK at Northern Arizona Yoga Center:

Tuesday w/Steve
5:30-7:00pm; HP Strong Flow
Just to keep our Wholeness in continual development, from last week’s priceless HP Mudra-Transmission during “No Flow” to tomorrow’s “Strong Flow”; you get it all within the HP Yoga System! special focus; hams/lower back…who in our multi-disciplined Tribe DOESN’T need more work there? Oh, and if your hamstrings AREN’T tight? Ilg has three words for you:
More Interval Training!

Wednesday w/Joy
9-10:30 am; HP Slow Flow
A class is geared specifically for women, though men are encouraged to practice with us! Stabilization and strengthening of the urogenital floor and mula bandha musculature as well as core muscles while breathing consciously and gracefully into higher levels of physiologic and biomechanic fitness.

Thursday w/Steve
5:30-7:00pm; HP PROP Workout
World class functional fitness from a world-class crazy wisdom teacher…Yup, stop by and sweat with us into another heapin’ helpin’ of Strength and Suppleness. Arrive early and buckle up for the mind-focusing 30 minutes of multi-functional core work into into that exclusive HP fusion of chi and yogic integrity. Practice what we all need; Strength and Spirit, once a week.
this weeks special focus; Bardo Meditation

Friday w/Joy and Dewa
9:15-10:00 am; Lil Yogis (a Mommies & Me Yogic Adventure)
NEW SESSION BEGINS APRIL 3rd…get the word out! Pre-registration required.

above photo of coach doing “PadmaCrunches” by James Q. Martin…


“It is considered a great Blessing gained from prior inner work over past lives when a Soul incarnates into a Household whereupon one or both parents practice Yoga…”
– Coach Steve Ilg
HP Yoga Teacher Training Manual

clan of yogis


My name is Joy Kilpatrick, loving Partner of Coach Steve Ilg and mother of our daughter, Dewachen (18 months).

Dewa and i teach a “mommie and me” Yoga class called LIL’ YOGIS on Friday mornings at NAYC.

Our next session begins April 3rd.

Enjoy the many emotional and physical benefits of yoga as you and your Lil’ Yogi interact, communicate, touch, play, sing and breathe together in
a safe, conscious, and spirit-nurturing environment. Nor prior experience in yoga is required for the parent (or the child!). Daddies are welcomed! Please help me spread the word!

New Session Starts April 3rd
4 week program
Fridays, 9:15 – 10am
Age: 4 months – 24 months
Cost: $40.00

Pre-registration required at Northern Arizona Yoga Center 928-774-3144.
Participants receive valuable coupons from local baby stores and photographers.


photo by www.jamesqmartin.com

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