Rare is the Warrior…

Published on Mar 23, 2009 by in Cardio, Yoga


“If the student of yoga seeks spiritual progress, then we must begin by pursuing equanimity throughout the many challenges inherent to the circumstances of our life. Make no mistake; The conditions required for transformation of self are severe and more often than not, remain right in front of and endlessly within us. Some lose their enthusiasm. A majority are afraid of the long, narrow path of constant self-confrontation of weakness, wounds, imbalance, and lazy tendencies. Only a rare warrior stays on the Path long enough to discover and cultivate the Inner Guru. Nothing is ever achieved by compulsion. We must remain alive to consistency of Practice and keep our HeartMind tracked on our enlightenment potentiality.”
– steve ilg

above camera phone pic; hunkering in sunday’s
60 mph gales on the summit of Mt. Elden during my “Tale Of Two Hills” cross-cycling route which climbs both Mt. Elden and Snowbowl road. Cycling in high wind is ideal yoga practice for equanimity. i was blown off my bike 3 times during my 3.25 hour ride among the non-stop roar of wind.

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