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you didn’t.

okay, so you ate the whole chocolate Easter Bunny.

let it go.

it’s done.

ilg still loves Thee, although i admit…you eating the whole dang bunny just really makes me want to go back into the Service of being a part-time new age bookstore clerk. that way, i wouldn’t care so much about your Conscious Nutritional efforts.

so, how did it happen?

did you succumb to the overwhelming desire for chocolate and predictably, unceremoniously chomp off the poor bunny’s ears? did you even pause at just how quickly your ego rationalized this ear-eating within your Yogic Spirit? did you also instantly realize and rationalize that since his ears REALLY weren’t THAT much of the bunny’s anatomy and – after all – you ARE an ACTIVE person and those calories won’t harm anything, did you go ahead and decapitate the poor bunny with your next mouthful? Good Gawd, Yogi! did you sink your teeth like a shark into the bunny’s Visshudhi Chakra? do you sense the Metaphor?!

of course it’s okay to eat SOME of a chocolate Easter Bunny once a year…that’s not It.

what’s IT, from a WF Perspective, is the question; HOW DEEPLY DID YOU APPRECIATE THE CHOCOLATE (Bunny)?

to what conscious degree did you thank the 10,000 Beings Associated With The Delivery Of That Bite Of Chocolate Into Thy Mouth?

there are countless Third World (and Hungry Ghost) Beings that not ONCE IN THEIR INCARNATED LIVES have had such Abundance to taste and feel that delicious eating of a chocolate bunny in a free land. Not once have they experienced the utter luxury of being able and willing to cave into such (physiologically) unneeded desires.

let alone other desires.

but we can.

or can we?

are you at a Level where you can accept a Chocolate Easter Bunny as an Upa Guru; testing your Awareness, your Appreciation?

sure Yoga stings at moments like these.

wouldn’t taking Pilates or Kickboxing be so much easier?

however, you are reading this Here Now
because you,
like me,
CARE DEEPLY about spiritual growth
through fitness.

feeble ilg,
the most miniscule yogi of all time,
as deeply as my padmasana allows,
to all Chocolate Bunny Beings
who were not consciously eaten yesterday.

and to those half-eaten ones sitting in your fridge…
a sad testimony to our feeble awareness that
Our Highest Workout Is Everywhere.

(NOTE: i will accept a WF Temple Tithe (to help the Free Tibet Cause) from ANY WF Warrior that
did NOT consciously appreciate at least the first bite of their Easter Bunny.
i’ll also give a $10 WF Pro Shop Credit to ANY WF Warrior that used the WF Non-Dominant Hand or the 3×30 Technique while eating their Easter Bunny.)

1) Dewachen Rinpoche (whom turned 19 months on the 11th) and i yesterday, enjoying a most luscious Easter Sunday snowfall. Dewa has yet to taste chocolate or refined sugar of any sort. she prefers tomatoes, Sunrider Fruit SUNBARS, and of course, cottage cheese. photo by Ananda.

2) Chocolate Easter Bunny Upa Guru bows to the feet of the Medicine Buddha, whose Tangka hangs in our kitchen, reMinding my family that our Food is our Medicine. photo by myself…hey, what happened to that Bunny’s ears? i ain’t saying nuthin’.

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