The Compassionate Heart of the Awakening Hips

by coach steve ilg
with bows to ShantiDeva

do not republish without permission

The energy within opening hips is the supreme nectar
 that overcomes the laziness of spiritual slumber.

It is the inexhaustible treasure which eliminates poverty in the wholeness of fitness.

It is the supreme medicine that quells one’s inner world dis-ease.

It is the Noble Effort of opening thy hips
– abode of the Princess Kundala –
that exterminates all weakness which still 
wanders and tires the tight-hipped on the path of conditioned existence.

In-Deed Most Noble Warrior of the Within,
time spent in opening our hips
is time spent building a UniVersal bridge

that leads to freedom from unhappy states of birth.

It is the dawning moon of true Wholeness

that dispels the torment of disturbing conceptions.

It is the great sun that finally removes

the misty ignorance of the world.
Understand this much:
Flexible hips are not necessarily ‘open’ hips…
for hips which do not consistently endure
endurance and strength demands are not
open…they are merely loose.
Looseness, dear Kalyana Mitra,
does not make it through the Bardo,
let alone have the mustard to channel
Kundala’s genuine,

How many Warriors live for decades,
in ignorance of their tight hips;
so Attached to sport-performance
by the sake of stupidity?!

How many studio Yogis prance about on loose hips,
showing off such laxity without
regard or capacity for

strenuous ultra-endurance

or strength upon those same spiritually flaccid hips?!

Open thy hips, Noble Seeker of Union!
Though doing so may take several lifetimes;
Journey Onward, Upward,
endlessly Inward!

#1: coach in a Malasana Plyometric Jump www.JamesQMartin.com

#2: after a long run; back to square one with tight hips…so goes the Journey of a Wholistic Fitness Yogi; it’s the story of an Endless Beginner.

#3: laying it down at the 2009 Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon

#4: life beneath a Squat Bar is where Yogis abide.

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