Reverend Ilg understands the complexities of philosophy vs. everyday actions all too well…the following is a two-part Teaching on such Divine Battle. photo by Ananda during a wedding ceremony performed by coach this past weekend in Flag.

Most Noble Seekers of Wholeness,
at this stage in our spiritual journeys – though each of us reading this forum are vibrating at various levels of intensities and lessons along the colored and painful evolution of our Soul Energy (atman) – the resounding impact of Ahimsa (non-harming) should pretty much be as sharp and as clearly destructive to our positive karma as is a Venus Williams’s running forehand at Wimbledon.

having stated that, however, until Enlightenment, we gotta stay real. and staying real means admitting that we often say ‘yes’ through our daily actions to things that philosophically we may be dead set against. Ahimsa, one of the fundamental guidelines of a yogi’s life, is one of those traps along our Way Higher. we can’t even brush our teeth in the morning without indirectly causing great harm to the plant, mineral, and animal realms…each tube of toothpaste has inflicted unimaginable pain and torture to ‘test animals’ as are the colored dyes in the packaging and materials of the toothpaste container, the toothbrush, the metals and toxic burnoff from the factories and distribution systems involved in the makers of toothbrushes, bathroom sinks, plumbing, the house around the bathroom…i mean, that is why the Tibetan Buddhists pray to the “10,000 sentient beings” for forgiveness as they go about their daily life – they know and feel full well the karmic and samskaric brunt of our mundane behaviors.

when it comes to our food? ooooof. the contradictions and hypocrisies which leap out with gut and heart wrenching blatancy are at times too much to bear. it did not seem long ago that i spent ten years as close to a vegan lifestyle as possible which is essentially a neurotic busyness of philosophy vs. action that overpowered a more intimate and sacred understanding of a gunically-geared perspective and balance. yet, still ilg tried to eat innocently, dress innocently, be-on-Mother-Earth innocently all the while still living a notoriously American heavy-on-Mother-Earth life. sport performances were absolutely horrid to maintain while feeling guilty about my sport equipment and travel. trying to maintain high performance nutrition on a vegan’s sprout and chard diet – even with the SUNRIDER Herbs – was so time consuming it bordered on the absurd.

eventually, as most of you know, a more distilled version of meat and dairy eating vs. vegan absurdity (truly, if one is a vegan, you can’t even wear jeans or ride a bike due to the enormous harming that the manufacturing and distribution processes relative to such things produces) arose from the Path of WF which is detailed throughout TBT and my other books and media.

today, the nutritional discipline of WF is bombproof, proven again and endlessly again to get our bodies lean, our spirits fiercely compassionate, and when it comes to sport performances? well, i invite anyone – regardless of age –
to come and stay with me for even one week to test any other nutritional path’s verve against the granite solid nutritional path of WF. ilg is 110% confident that the WF Nutritional Path will provide matchless performance in meditation, deep fiber strength, ultra-endurance capacity, and multi-functional suppleness presiding alongside a deeply unique sense of Sacredness within the context of daily living…even here in AmeriKa.

now, tomorrow, i’m gonna relate to you how absolutely HILARIOUS this Higher Path of Transformation becomes as it narrows as we rise Higher along it…especially in regard to Nutrition of which Ahimsa plays an absolutely exquisite role…

May this reading inspire Ahara-Jaya (mastery of food/disciplined eating) within your Practice and may there be peace within the cells of all vibrating Beings…

and…in case you have yet to notice;
all things vibrate…

head bowed, spine elegant, heart open…

your loving coach

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