RE: mimic everything a toddler does in iDL 7*19*09

Ah, Reverend Ilg ~

They nap – sleep a lot. Do you do that, too? They come well padded and cushioned ..and wear diapers for when they {go sliding on their bike} fall on their butts.

Take care, Brother,

btw: the Rev thing. Took me a few moments to table that one in my mind. Rather easy after a little contemplation: i found a spot for you in the top 10% of reverends. It’s not hard to figure, entertaining as they are, J. Jackson and Sharpton in the bottom 10.

coach’s note:
Warrior Erl is one of our devoted iDLr’s and is a true (Marine) Warrior…visit his astonishing website at:

and order one of his custom-made signs…tell him, “Rev. Ilg sent me!”
Semper Fi!

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