Yogi Squat & Quote of the Week

Published on Jul 27, 2009 by in Appropriate Action, Yoga


“For me, and even more for my kids, it’s probably a healthy thing for them to see, because they saw their dad that never lost, and the kids in their class (say), ‘your dad never loses,’ so it’s good for them to see dad get third and still be cool with that and still be happy.”

– Lance Armstrong

coach’ note; love the fact that Lance said, ‘get third’ instead of ‘lost’. the ol’ man of the Peleton raced a brilliant ‘comeback Tour.’ i was waiting for him to integrate some degree of wholeness into his Tour, and his above comment once again proved his maturity as a Human Being, not just a bike racer. for more on our Sangha’s input on the Tour, visit the “Current Event” Cave in the WF SanghaLounge. photo; Open Photo/Corvos


WF Online Student Carmela demonstrating fantastic depth and balance in this Yogi Squat on a bamboo raft with her kids this year! Nice! Carmela will receive a complimentary copy of my soon-to-be released DVD; The Kinlani Flow! So…how about YOUR yogi squat pic?!

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