Yogi Squat of the Week + Gita Empowerment!

Published on Aug 25, 2009 by in Yoga


excerpted from; HP Yoga This Week! weekly email to local HP Yoga Students

“O Partha (Son of Pritha, Arjuna),
surrender not to unmanliness;
it is unbecoming to thee.
O Scorcher of Foes, forsake this small

– Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 3

How much does ilg love this quote?
It’s Lord Krishna’s counsel to the Warrior Arjuna
when Arjuna was basically peeing in his pants with fear
contemplating having to go into battle against his
own brothers at Kurukshetra.
Who among us, would not?

Many of us, when it comes to much less intense battles
back away. Ilg does, dozens of times per day.
Each day, you and i, inevitably confront battles
with our weaknesses, our lazy habits, our negative tendencies,
and our chronic weakheartedness.
Sometimes this means
not doing what it takes to show up for Yoga Class.
Sometimes, it means doing too much asana and not
enough Cardio, Strength, Meditation, or Mastery of Food.
Sometimes it means repeating addictive patterns in our
life. We choose to do too much Work,
not enough Playing
or Praying
or Resting.

Ilg teaches fitness
the Sacredness of it.

Come to Class this week, O Scorcher of Foes!
and…like Arjuna did;
Arise Noble Warrior!

And Never Ever Miss Your Best Practice Partner; each day:
Direct Lines; Coach’s Daily Teaching Blog

photo: HP Yogi Jut gets my “Yogi Squat of the Week” Award…i took this shot of him at the Agassiz/Humphreys Saddle during our 17-mile running pilgrimage of circumambulation of Agassiz and Fremont today. Warrior Jut is the epitome of an HP Yogi; a devoted student of wholeness; not just asana.

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