Dear Coach,

regarding your KINLANI FLOW DVD
you are so flexible for morning time!

will you please teach me about twists? it got planted in my head that for optimal digestion i was to twist/compress the right side first and the left side second. will you expand upon and/or clarify that for me?

with gratitude,
student coop

Most Precious Yogini TapaVati!

• took me about 25 years for the Pranic Shift to occur for early morning flexibility.
and also, trust me, the morning after long runs or anything big, ilg ain’t as supple as is shown in that DVD!

• that is true…for those who are not on my 3-Phase Approach to using SUNRIDER Herbs and/or have achieved a degree of Mastery of Food (AharaJaya).

such considerations – such as initiating Twists on the right side – have been blown up as yoga has come West to a nation of over-eaters.

Traditionally, asana instruction only came after the Shatkarmas, years of doing cellular and organic purification rituals…as you find in WF. by that times, the organ systems were quite strong, capable, and balanced.

today, in Kali Yuga,
you have a nation of students eager to achieve mastery in postures (as if perfecting a pose is somehow more important than the process toward it) without attending to the Yamas, Niyamas, breath work, internal locks, or even the Shatkarmas. this is why all WF Students are trained in
at least my Level One EMR.

at your level of WF, you could do a twisting sequence beginning on the Descending Colon side (left) without any problem…just another benefit of being a seasoned WF Yogi…one who understands the Yoga of Nutrition as part of their Wholistic Practice.

head bowed,
coach ilg

photo; bhadhravajrasana, Snow Canyon, Utah

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