WF Devotee Yogini “Petticoat” Julie at Haridwar (“door” to Shiva), northern india after being blessed by a Hindu priest by the Holy Ganga. photo courtesy Julie Mueller.

Dearest Gurujilg:

PY’s first el Tour de Tucson, first time riding more than 100 miles, second ever century, first true bike “race”– done in 6:33:57. With one small crash and only one other time off the bike in the entire ride. What an event!

Many Teachings learned including:

• watch out for speed bumps!! and if you hit one and crash, it’s no big deal, just fix up your bike and keep a goin

• i pushed it HARD, especially the first 70 miles trying to keep up with packs of dudes who were generally way stronger (and obviously way bigger) than me. it was fun! but that last 40 or so i rode like i always ride–alone. just couldn’t find the right pack that i could keep up with–i did NOT want to be at the back of those 60 person lines. SO if i really want to get platinum at el tour (under 6 hours) i need to practice and ride with a team or group who stick together. the platinum folks don’t seem to do it alone.

• BUT we all die alone so there’s nothing wrong with being in no man’s land for a while out there. it’s training for that last m(om)ent (and there is no drafting in triathlon)

• i need to add interval training on flats and not just “intensity” training on hills for the half ironman in march because of traiing in altitude. i got the burn long before my lungs wore out, and that does NOT happen up here. so i am worked today like i haven’t been since my first few HP PROP CLASSES. i will need to train my legs for the lactic acid buildup, or else ride slower than i will want to in Oceanside.

• your EMR and Kinlani Rituals are essential to 4am focus!

• the Mantra helps at all times, but especially around mile 90+. i was chanting it and i think a Bike Patrol thought i was crazy because he came and rode beside me for a while and asked me if i was eating and drinking enough…

• Smiling helps your own focus and stamina but seems to make some guys angry :)
those chicks at the front are totally badass and gutsy–also few and far between!

I’ve been with Wholistic Fitness® for just over 1 year, and in this one year, despite several in-juries, I have pushed my body and spirit to levels I would never have even imagined before. A year ago, I had never rode more than 45 miles. I had not imagined that I would travel to the Himalaya alone. My job had the potential of becoming way too large a part of my life. And while I continue to learn how to keep that super fine balance in check, I have pushed myself mentally, phyisically and, most of all, spiritually more than I ever thought possible, with each push opening up some part of me that had remained uncovered, but also reminding me of how much more work there is to do.

I bow to you and am immensely grateful for your INSPIRATION.

See you tomorrow!


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