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the following is excerpted from the Northern Arizona Yoga Center’s newsletter
where Joy and i both teach…

photo of Joy by Wayne Williams

Q &A: Get to know your instructors

What brought you to yoga?

Well, it’s more like “who” brought me to yoga… My dad was my first teacher to introduce me to yoga. He used to Practice on the beach in his Speedos® (it was the seventies) and i would cringe with embarrassment. What can i say, i was at the impressional age of eight.

That’s a wonderful word embarrassment for it means “disturbances of mind.”
That is why i am here now… to help “cease the fluctuations of my mind” also known as Yogas citta vrtti nirodhah as written in Sri Pantajali’s, The Yoga Sutra.

How has your yoga practice evolved over time?

To be honest, as a student of yoga i feel most of the time as if my Practice has devolved. i mean, the more i try to bring my Practice off the mat and into my daily LifeStyle, the less i “know.”

What is the most profound thing you’ve learned in practicing yoga?

That a Rinpoche can come in the sweetest form of a 2 year old beautiful being. My daughter! Doesn’t matter how many asanas i can perform, or how long i can sit still (which isn’t very long these days), for me it’s about remaining conscious, present, loving, receptive and giving in every given moment and forgiving myself when i’m not.


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