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December 14, 2009

“Steve Ilg, I only went to your class in Flag once,
but I still dream of it. Hope you are well.
– Christine Hartman


“Greetings, Coach Ilg —
Sometimes I have paid close heed to your message, and sometimes not.
But I have always been aware of the Path,
and deeply in awe of your luminous perseverance in showing the way.
Head bowed,
Rolling Hills Estates, CA


Precious Teacher (and Kickass Athlete),
i have to tell you that since you left LA, i’ve not found another Yoga Teacher that compares to your level of passionate care and expertise in ALL areas of what “yoga” implies. In fact, so few yoga teachers stress the Breath as well as you did that I think it’s only because you were my first Yoga Teacher that I have not hurt myself in other yoga classes. Oh, and after you FINALLY got me into yoga over ten years ago as a stiff, mentally confused bicycle racer, I want you to know that I have passed the torch of Yoga onto my sister recently; we took six yoga classes together and then I gave her yourTBT bookand said, ‘Study this like a bible; it will save your life….it has mine.'”
– Steve M.
Reseda, CA

photo: you wanna even TRY to tell ilg WHY nordic ski racing is the NOT the most beautiful , most compelling, most challenging sport that ilg has ever had a lifelong love affair with? Get Out And DO!

i took this shot this morning with my frozen camera phone while classic ski training up “White Horse” trail at FNC



sometime this month i will be handing out the 2009 HP YOGI OF THE YEAR AWARD which includes a Wholistic Fitness® Blessed Training Mala that has been simmering in my home Zendo for three months. This Award goes to a certain student’s above-standard zeal and consistency in attending and embracing HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA® over the past year. Kiari Luther was the HP Yogi of 2008. Kiari has been in school instead of class for the past few months, however, she has represented the multi-disciplined, lifestyle hallmark of HP Yoga beautifully…thank you, Kiari! Other local earners of this Mala include Dr. Bob Morissey, and Leslie Hutchinson.

and THANK ALL OF YOU who “do what it takes to make it into the Cave each week!”

This Week’s Intensity Schedule

Tuesday w/Steve
5:30-7:00pm; HP Slow Flow. special focus: Shoulders and Inversions
Time to open up the Heart and Crown Chakra to get ready to receive all the delightful and enlightening passion coming up this (w)holiday season!

Wednesday w/Joy
9-10:30 am; HP Slow Flow
A class is geared specifically for women, though men are encouraged to practice with us! Stabilization and strengthening of the urogenital floor and mula bandha musculature as well as core muscles while breathing consciously and gracefully into higher levels of physiologic and biomechanic fitness.

Thursday w/Steve
5:30-7:00pm; HP PROP Workout
Practice what we all need; Functional Strength and Tempered Spirit, once a week. This dastardly fun and focused class is not about ability, it’s about chi! Designed and proven to enhance ALL forms of asana, sport performance, and occupations. World exclusive right here in Flag! Buckle up because each class traditionally begins with 30 minutes of core work including many movements that Joseph Pilates would have smiled upon! Oh, like you don’t need this class!? C’mon, join our crazy wisdom parade!

above photo of coach doing “PadmaCrunches” by James Q. Martin…

The HP Yoga® Wholistic Progression System

Using the HP Yoga Wholistic Progression System in place at NAYC (and available in DVDs for your out-of-town friends and family), you will be assured of a great, safe, and wise way to slowly shift your body toward the yogic goal of JivaLaghuvata or ‘a yogic body of Light.’ Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday class affords unique physical, physiologic, and subtle training effects upon your body, mind, and spirit. As you continue to train within this system, you’ll joyfully feel renewed, recentered, and more whole…you’ll be able to tell by direct experience that this style was born from a Wholistic Fitness® tradition. There’s nothing quite like it!

Bodywork, Online, and private consulations and training sessions within the disciplines of strength, cardio, yoga, meditation, nutrition, fat loss, and lifestyle training are always available. It’s what i’ve done at a world-class level since 1982. If you would enjoy myself or Joy to take a look at the Wholeness of your training, let us know.

Onward, Upward, and endlessly Inward…

coach steve ilg

for a more complete view of Coach’s notion of Yoga – one of nine subdisciplines of his Wholistic Fitness® Personal Training system:

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