icy creek, by steve ilg

human and humility = root word (no pun intended) is ‘humus.’

meaning we are soil-born. outside my Animas River office, wild geese flap upstream…genuine human culture has GOT to be about cultivation, not pure consumption.

i feel the Ancient Ones humility within me today…

may your own Practice today be rich with confidence, tempered by humility…

today’s WF Assignment:

Practice the HP Yoga® Human Humility Posture (Gaia-adambhasana)

here is how:

• take some deep Ujjayi’s to settle yourself into your best narrow-stance Yogi Squat; heels on Mother Earth, maintain forward pointing feet with ankles and knees in alignment as best as possible. breathe here, stay here, get humble here. pray here. feel as though you are a Cherokee or Navajo or Ute child, next to a pure stream, watching the rushing water dance and swirl, hearing the wild geese flap upstream…

• extend both of your arms outward, creating an image of holding flowers out to Mother River, stay here and worship your Connection to Divine Nature…

• finally, bring your chin down to your chin toward your suprasternal notch in your collarbones creating Jalandhara Bandha (see photo above; this is from my Kinlani Flow DVD) next, without bending your elbows, drop the imaginary flowers into Mother River as offering and turn both palms upward, facing Father Sky…place an astral begging bowl in your upturned palms and, keeping both pinkie fingers (the ether digits) touching so your begging bowl does not tip, – and keeping both arms as long as possible – lift your humble begging bowl up into Father Sky and pray to the Divine Father for as long as your willingness, temperament, and capacity allows.

Gaia-adambhasana is a very powerful posture unique to our Tradition, do not teach to others without requesting my permission.

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