a Ram-drunk ilg, yesterday, at Durango’s local climbing crag; X-Rock area
photo by Ananda

on Saturday, the Gods smiled.
They allowed me to win the KOM at the top of Hesperus in the “B” Group club ride,
and 48.5 miles and 2,460′ later, finish 6th in the 45 mph+ descent down Wildcat Canyon back to Durango. ilg didn’t win the KOM (King of Mountain) because i was the most powerful or strongest climber among the 13 road-cycling warriors…not even close. ilg won because of tactics and wise discrimination and experience. i ninja’d the two leaders 300 meters from the summit by literally doing a pranayam and blowing myself as light as possible up the infamous, heart-withering climb which has long been a weekly test-piece for locals.

on Sunday, the Gods smiled again…
this time, not upon a road biking ilg, rather, in a categorically diverse
path of of sacred sweat…oh!!! how Blessed the Path of Wholeness…to play our physiologic capacities among God’s wild toys and ways…

…along this trail, just north of Durango city limits there lies a very special Temple
among rock climbers and more specifically, boulderers…

…she is known as “The Boxcar Boulder.” this is Her notorious East Face…overhanging, gleaming with verve should one be so audacious to ply their strength-to-weight fitness upon Her sandstone hide…

…ilg came here, to the Boxcar altar…not to conquer,
rather to touch again that lifelong Lover of mine; rock.
upon the very instant my flesh met Hers
Enlightened words from Swami Ramdas came to me,

“Ram (God) is the softness of moonlight
Ram is the glint of stars at night
Ram is the blaze of sun on high
Ram is the blueness of the sky

Ram is the whiteness of the cloud
Ram is thunderous voice proud
Ram is lightning’s blinding flash
Ram is the raining-downward dash.”

of course, the higher i bouldered upon this Block of Ram,
the quaking began to tremor my mind-waves;

“you are a father now ilg,
you are must not hurt yourself…”

new, this Voice from Fear –
or is it Love…
Love for my chi-ld,
Love for my family,
which so quickly dismantles my Zazen-trained mind
as ilg moves higher,
and higher
and the move grow more intense,
more gymnastic?

on the top of the Boxcar…
reflection – if not Meditation –
comes easy
as the Lactic Acid
drains from my pumped forearms.
the meandering Animas below.
Brother Hawk sails above.
ilg in between.

One day, feeling strong on a road bike,
the next, feeling feeble on a mighty Boulder…

such is the Delightful,
Dance of WF!

THIS DL is devoted to my Birthday Girl: Ananda

Happy and more Wholeness than ever to my Beloved Ananda on her 43rd…
we climbed together on Her birthday yesterday,
and relished the metaphorics beneath the sizzle of a spring sun…
Precious One; you and i have Climbed Higher and more Beautiful Mountains together than any physical
mountain i’ve been so charmed to ascend.
it is ilg that honors this Exhilarating, Exhausting Journey
known as Conscious Parenthood…
to you…
and ALL that you choose to Be
each day
in so many Ways

your Life Belayer,

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