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i was stoked just to make it to the crux! ilg attempting the first roof of ‘Par Six’ 5.11b. to think that i was used to free solo routes approaching this difficulty stoned my mind; definitely a different lifetime ago within this same one…
Let’s see here if i’ve taken the WF Curriculum correctly:

last Saturday and Sunday =
humbled in a 2-Day, 3 Event road cycling stage race

Monday =
humbled by beautiful students while teaching an HP Yoga Slow Flow

Tuesday =
experience involuntary anal sphincter contraction while on 1,800′ Mountain Bike ride…humbled again.

Wednesday =
mind-and-forearm numbingly humbled on overhanging limestone sport crag, The Golf Wall…then immediately go teach an HP PROP Workout

ilg must be back in Durango…

come on…tie in with me and the girlie girls as they drag my fat carcass up the overhanging Leadville Limestone crag 20 minutes north of Durango, known as The Golf Wall…

these Durangatang chicks are the real deal…that is Kelly on the left; unfathomably strong and a Rolfer to boot. Keeton, in the yellow, is the m(om) of Mason, 20 months old and a playmate of Dewa. Keeton and her husband Nate, own Southwest Adventure Guides

Kelly, positioning herself on lead for a clip…dis crag is STEEP!!!!

Keeton belays me on “Tee’d Off” a 5.10c/d which i managed to slobber my way up…both girls knew i was dusting off about 15 years of climbing rust. they showered me with encouragement and said they were very impressed by my effort…they were just being nice, trust me.

Hip Mamma Keeton, crankin’…

“Only by devoting ourselves to difficulty,
do we eventually free ourselves from it.”
– steve ilg, 1985 Alpinist Magazine

let’s keep climbing the Mt. Everest of Personal Training; Wholistic Fitness®
arriving at her Summit may in-Deed require many lifetimes,
you really can’t beat the Precious Beauty of what our little Path
Way Higher Than The Rest

May your Practice be strong and true today,
your feeble teacher

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