WF Devotee, Single Dad, Native Runner Warrior “Leaf” (Tribal Nickname; Diné) enjoys some
bouldering at Priest Draw near Flagstaff. He didn’t tell me that later fact, i can just tell… 😉
his email to me today below:

Yah’ tah’ hey’ from the sacred peak of the west!
i received the first arrow of the dreamspeak quiver and greatly thank you. Combined with the TBT i’ve managed to create a workout that best suits my single-parent lifestyle. Packed full of chi it’s like you never left Kinlani*!

As for my recent adventure to the “old oraibi footrace” i once again experienced some medicinal-sweat. Along with me were my 2 sons tavian & zane and my good friend ben from phoenix. As a warrior-father i ran the 2 mile race with tavian and it was deeply moving to see my son run up and down the mesa. Also deeply moving and ever-inspiring was to observe him roam around the finish line with his race-bib on. Got to say that of all the fatherly-duties i experience with my sons, the exposure of a WF lifestyle to them is quite nourishing for my being. Running through the thick sand, hum-sahing out loud along side of him, nothing but pure chi!

This evening i managed to deter from our usual evening ritual of going straight home and headed for some boulders. enjoy these as they were inspired out of a WF lifestyle!

p.s. can you offer any basic-bouldering techniques that i can practice?



Most Treasured Diné,
looks like,
feels like,
rejoices-within-my-Soul like you are doing JUST FINE!!!

head bowed to your Father Warriorism and selflessness at the most Precious Footrace Of Turtle Island. i know you could have podium’d were it not for your Higher Choice of running with your son; May All Daddies Be Thus Inspired!

as for climbing:
looks like from that pic you are a natural!
keep your hips away from the rock,
look down at your footwork more than you look up,
and TRUST THE BREATH! just like in our HP Yoga sessions!

love from beside the Mother Animas,
your feeble teacher

* = the Native American name for Flagstaff, Arizona

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