Ilg on Elden Mountain

Photo: ilg breathing gently on a V6, Elden Mountain, AZ

In our first Members only conference call (held on Friday October 15th), we explored:

  • Why the work that you’re doing on yourself is not for the benefit of who you think you are.
  • The importance of finding balance between your inner world and the outer world (before you can ever hope to merge them).
  • Why the “Early Morning Ritual” is such an important key to promoting balance.
  • Why Abhyasa (steadfast practice) matters much more than intellectual philosophizing.
  • Why “passionate balance” is an oxymoron.
  • Why I had to create Wholistic Fitness.
  • How the “Ujjayi Turbine” begins the process of Prana assimilation throughout the body.
  • Why the fastest route toward awakening is by transcending instinct (and why the fastest way of awakening the physical sense and capacities of personal wholeness is to examine where your imbalances are).
  • Why in Wholistic Fitness we start first with the physical, then proceed to the subtle, and only then proceed on to the refined (and what happens when you try to sidestep around the physical aspects of the spiritual journey and head straight for the refined).
  • How you can improve yourself by running into your negative tendencies instead of away from them (if you’re brave enough).
  • What it means to say that Wholistic Fitness is “a Warrior Path.”
  • What you can find in the space between this moment and the next.
  • Why, in the pursuit of balance, ignoring your weaknesses is the same as dwelling in your fears.

We then moved on to some Q&A, and I gave my best answers to two great questions:

  • “What is the difference between hope and faith?”
  • “When I’m working on conquering sleep, how do I balance getting enough sleep versus getting up early enough to do enough of the practice?”

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3 Responses to “Tribal Kiva Talk Recording: “Passionate Balance””

  1. Bryan Bishop says:

    Coach, i really enjoyed the talk. i wish i could have been their listening to it live but i was preparing for my final high mountain hike of the season. i really enjoyed the topic on finding balance within the body and seeing ourselves in the mirror with our inner mind to find what is out of balance. i also enjoyed the part about washing the dishes, that really spoke to me and helped me realize where my balance is off (my sink was full and is now empty) :-) Thank you for your wisdom!

  2. Leferisen John says:

    Absolutely amazing coach! got to say that the talk was rich with sincerity. somewhat similar to my cultural-ceremonies, hence, the name “kiva talk”.

  3. coach says:

    10,000 heart waves of Gratitude for your Devoted Listening Practice and Metta!

    can’t wait till next month!

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