El Coache,
2 pm EST on Monday works fine for me for our Phone Consultation.  And thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all of your help and support and for helping me with My Path.  I can already start to feel some confidence coming in; I’ve got your Blue Light Meditation MP3 on my ipod, Also gonna use AI Imawa!
and I’m ready to give them all I got and then some!  But now, off to bed; I’ve got a big day.

Head most humbly bowed in reverence and humility,


there probably ain’t many of you that are lifelong mountain athletes.

fewer are those mountain athletes that moved willingly at the bequest of their Spiritual Teachers to a Big City in order to overcome Attachment to pristine wildness and the high country lifestyle.  fewer still are those that regularly tortured themselves in the notoriously brutal “Auditioning”  and “Casting Calls” to attain some measure of media and thus money within the acting and modeling industry.

i have.  and i treated each Audition like a competitive event.

tomorrow, one of my long-time yet young students, Jordan Mitchell-Love is going for a casting call for the TV Show “Glee.”  Send him some Tribal Chi, okay?  Cause, i’ve been there, and it makes toeing the Start Line of a race seem like kindygarten!


head bowed to ALL Warriors willing to Live Their Dreams!

coach ilg

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