If you enjoy or appreciate ANYTHING about Wholistic Fitness™…it’s because of this Lady…my m(om).  i took this shot of Her a few years ago when i lived in Flagstaff…this is Lockett Meadow, near the Inner Basin of the San Francisco Peaks…the home of Doko Oosliid, the Sacred Peak under which my daughter Dewachen was born. Today, my m(om) lies in an ABQ hospital. If you could, please recite the Blessed Mantra while visualizing this picture of my m(om).  note the rainbow aura…

Most Precious, Treasured WF Sangha…

you would not be reading this if it were not for one of this plane(t)s most amazing moms…Marjorie (Margie) Ilg.

so,  i taught a HP Yoga Restorative class tonight to 23 of my hometown hero’s,  heronine’s in the Cave of Champions…pedalled home through wonderful  cold bite of night, enthused about building yet another yoga program from nothing to nothing less than a stunning gathering of national and world-class athletes ready to Look Within.  as my mountain bikes’ studded tires bite into  the snow,  deep peace permeated my Soul.

juxtaposition:  i walk into my home foyer, and find a hastily written note from Ananda: my 80 year-young m(om) is in the hospital.  trained by Tibetan’s since my formative years,  i read the note in my hands and used WF Lifestyle Principle #1.   I breathed.  i adjusted my physical (and thus spiritual posture).   I’ve been training for this mOMent for years, i thought to myself.  the next thought, was to call her.  the ensuing thought was to tell you…my Noble Sangha which would not be Here Now, if it were not for my m(om).   If you enjoy WF?   It’s all because of my M(om).  the third thought was, “AH!  that is why my right knee (male side) buckled uncharacteristically while teaching a yoga posture earlier today…the Knee’s represent our confidence in moving forward in our life.  Without my m(om)?   i’ll be the first to admit;  my confidence in moving forward in the Outer World will be significantly severed.  my m(0m) is everything about what ilg attempts to put forth into the Outer World.  instantly, i knew why my Right Knee buckled this morning.

Send Prayers.

my next real yoga…the real ‘letting go’ might just have arrived…Om Mani Padme Hung…

if i’m a bit late in my coaching correspondence,  please Practice Patience Without Drama.  i may need to go down to Albuquerque tomorrow…

head bowed,

your Practicing yogi ilg

5 Responses to “WF Temple Gong: M(om) Ilg is in the Hospital”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Steve, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Kendo and family.

  2. Toby Leeson says:

    Om Mani Padme Hung

  3. Roberto Crespo says:

    Coach, thoughts and prayers for your Madre, Padre and Familia. Go(o)d bless you all.

    Yogi RC and my clan.

  4. Brad Gantt says:

    I will hold you and your Mom will in my heart.

  5. eyt :() says:

    Prayers, love and peaceful blessings upon you all xxx

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