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Here’s my heiny-spanking new release (January 2011);  “HP YOGA™;  Wing’d Angel Hip and Shoulder Sequence”

I am so totally stoked to share this 15-minute ultra-effective Sequence with my precious WF.com Members completely free of charge!  (also available as a $15 DVD in the WF Tribal Pro Shop for your friends…don’t forget your WF.com Member 10% discount is always in status as long as you are an Active Member!)

There are MANY deep features hidden within this pranically-punched video which will make the WF Warrior drool with gleeful imbibing for years.   Footage –  filmed in the WF H(om)e Temple Zendo –  includes never-before revealed instructional footage of the HP Yoga™ Asana Mudra, WF prostration technique, the “Kundalini Bounce,” and more!   Watch it, study it, practice it, and harvest the Pranic Empowerment!   I used and still often use this precise sequence daily – right after my own version of EMR.   I really rather doubt that there is a more pranically potent way for Western fitness warriors to begin their day than by using my EMR into Wing’d Angel Teachings to give sublime flight and insight to their day.

All ages and abilities, options offered on certain postures.  I want you to grow into this Sequence for years and years, just like i did!   For the advanced yogis?  You may be quite very delighted at just how beautifully this Sequence opens intelligently, the nadic and chakral fields for another wonderful arrow in your Practice Quiver!

Enjoy and you can ask me questions on this – and all my products – in the WF SanghaLounge;  WF Product Q&A completely free of charge.

From the Coach Who Has Cared About Your Wholeness Through Fitness since 1982,

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2 Responses to “15-minute incredible new ilg Training Video – “The Wing’d Angel” Shoulder and Hip Opening Sequence”

  1. Robert Arnold says:

    Followed Coach’s version and EMR before a 12 mile trail run in Sedona and then Joy’s once I got home after the hour long drive and I still feel like dancing the Saturday night away! I suck at running but this was an amazing series to use to help keep my posture straight and my breathing smooth. Thanks for another great addition to the collection Coach!

  2. coach says:

    Precious Mountain Yogi RA!

    if i’ve said it once…i’ve said it 10,000×10,000x…
    “The Path works,
    if you work the Path!”

    stoked for you!
    head bow’d

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