To Joy, my Precious Beloved MahaMaitreyaAnandaMayiMi!

If i had siddhis of a supranormal yogi, i would whisk you for your birthday today to the Pure Land of Amitahbha Buddha;  Dewachen.  There, in the Golden Land of Pure Bliss where the snow beauty of the high mountains are as soft and spongy as is the astral ‘ground’ which accepts our footprints without trace, we would cavort and caress and just be with one another in the way we were before becoming parents…that would be my birthday gift for my Pranic Princess.  i cannot find the words to tell you how unspeakably unreal you are as a Conscious Mother, Conscious Partner, and eloquent Liver of the Highest Path of Wholeness, Beauty, Grace, and Fierce Love.  Most of us, including myself, are naught but sleepwalkers – drenched in Avidya – yet you, My Love, are an “A Wake-Walker” and without your true intention to be happy,  I would remain undisturbed in my spiritual slumber.  Happy Birthday, Precious Ananda…Treasured Mother of our rascally, adorable little Rinpoche who Loves you without condition and without restraint.   Everyone of us shines…yet your radiance is like the unstruck diamond within all hearts…may the Pure Light within thee guide you all-ways and fearlessly, even into the Bardo or Beyond into Enlightenment…if any Human can win the Human Race toward Enlightenment?

My bet is on you.

Thanks for taking me Higher and more Whole than ilg ever could by myself…my entire Tribe benefits without acknowledgment to the Jewel of who you choose to be.

your loving partner within prakrita,



It’s now one week until Ananda toes the Start Line for her first ever triathlon and her first competitive event since becOMing a mother 3.5 years years ago…

joy swim

my Beloved Partner has been swimming drills, repeats, and distances at the Durango Rec Center pool as i morph into Mr. Mom.  I heard Ananda – a Florida native –  tell her father this morning, “You know Dad, i thought i was a good swimmer until my coach started teaching me techniques on how to swim fast!” In my own coaching experience,  i am surprised at how few swimmers and triathletes realize the spiritual ramifications of swimming upon the chakral and nadic field energies…

joy bike

Cycling will be Ananda’s strongest discipline…here she is out on East Animas Road while Dewa and i cheered on her training…

Julie “PY” Mueller, the inspirational triathlete who soloed and finished the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon* this February and is now focused on her WF Online Training to prepare for her next Himalayan trek, wrote to Ananda recently:

Namaste Ananda!

Just thought i’d let you know i dedicated my run up aggasiz {peak}  today to you and your Noble training efforts.
i miss our pre/post bodywork chats. you look so Radiant!

best of luck to you this month, you are one Inspiring Ammaji!

yogini julie

Well, Ananda wasn’t gonna let that much LovingKindness from one of our most precious Students go by unattended…Ananda wrote back:

Noble Warrioress of the Sacred Peaks,

Thank you for your Metta and offering your moving meditation on my behalf.
Seriously, you inspire me!

Me, i’m just beginning again to reclaim my Chi and i TAF it’s flowing again.
My runs are becoming less painful though still intense.
My bike, Ajna, and i are becoming one.
My swims… a journey of release.

Blessings and Love,


C’mon…just try to tell me that doing what it takes to Toe The Start Line doesn’t create spiritual depth, dimension, texture, and stress release..and that’s if you don’t even MAKE IT TO THE START LINE!    just think about how Ananda is going to feel when she finishes this event one week from now!!?!?!

what Start Line are YOU toeing this summer?

let me know!   what and who inspired you to do it?  to keep training toward it?

head bowed,

el coache

* one of the 3 Sacred Sport Pilgrimages of Wholistic Fitness™.    the other two are Imogene Pass Race and the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.  so far, no Wholistic Fitness™ student has accomplished all three, although over a dozen are in contention!  how about YOU?!?!  don’t let this lifetime slip away without doing what it takes to Take Pilgrimage!

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  1. py says:

    again and endlessly again, i am Inspired.
    Happy Birthday Ananda!
    off to the pool–in honor of you.


  2. Sandra Lee says:

    happy birthday ananda!!

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