Even Buddha died…

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Even Buddha died.

His death was a teaching to shock the naive, the indolent, and the complacent, to wake us up to the truth that everything is impermanent and death an inescapable fact of life. As he was approaching death, Buddha said:

Of all footprints
That of the elephant is supreme.
Of all mindfulness meditations
That on death is supreme.


text by Sogyal Rinoche.  photo of Shakyimuna Buddha statue by ilg at our old Temple H(om)e in Baderville, AZ.   Prayer Flag graces photo upper left, “Maggie” the doe, photo lower right.

How brave doth wish to be to attain Enlightenment? Brave enough to vow yourself to simply throw all the teachings, all the training away and sit friggin’ down and NOT MOVE UNTIL LIBERATED!

uhhhh…ilg hasn’t one nano-ounce of that type of Bravery…yet, a few – like Yogi Shaky – did.

whenever i get feeling like i want to blow off difficulty;  be it holding a yoga pose,  holding a wheel in front of me during cycling, holding my tongue during a difficult relationship moment,  holding the choice between entertainment and inner-attainment?  you know what what i force myself to consider?

ilg forces himself to consider the MahaYogis..the World Class Spiritual Athletes like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi…then, instantly, even my feeble self realizes, “Wow, if They can do THAT for the sake of feeble yogis like me?!??!  Hec yeah,  i CAN hold this pose, this wheel, this tongue, this Higher Choice…”


your feeble yet ever stumbling Higher teacher

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  1. py says:

    if His Holiness can forgive China…who can I forgive?

    Om So Ti

  2. eyt :() says:

    *like* /\

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