Photo by HP Yoga™ Student Peter McAllister of coach after finishing
4th Place AG in the Kennebec Challenge, one of the San Juan’s highest
(over 12,000’+) and gnarliest half-marathon+ races.

In our “Nutrition” Kiva Talk on August 9 we explored:

  • Why taking notes on this Kiva Talk won’t work, and why words can’t provide you with what you are seeking to learn about Nutrition.
  • Why I’m so confident in the techniques, guidelines, and practices of Wholistic Fitness Nutrition.
  • Why Nutrition is the most “un-coachable” discipline of Wholistic Fitness.
  • The beautiful origin of the word “coach,” and what a coach does, in metaphysical terms.
  • The nutritional needs of the ancient Enlightened ones, how their purification practices (kriyas) destroyed afflictions of the body, and how we apply some of their practices in WF.
  • What Nutrition has to do with chakras and nadis.
  • “We are what we eat” … what it really means.
  • The biggest trick to Wholistic Fitness Nutrition (it’s not about calories, fat grams, or vitamins and minerals).
  • The four things the Masters tell us we should be nourished by.
  • The “10 Wholistic Fitness Nutrition Guidelines” developed in 1981, and how they clear the fog of nutritional confusion.
  • The “Seven Natural Wonders of Nutritional Awareness” (they’re called that for a reason).
  • The Four Wholistic Fitness Nutrition “supplements” (and why that’s a misnomer … since they actually form the nutritional core).
  • How I cured myself of cold-triggered exercise-induced asthma by dialing in my intake of Sunrider® whole food herbs.
  • The role of amino acids in dietary nutrition, the importance of a positive nitrogen balance in athletes, and the unique ways MAP® Amino Acids make it easy.
  • What “Redox Signaling” is, and why some Tour de Fance riders are now using ASEA® Water instead of steroids to reduce oxidative stress, and improve time to ventilatory threshold by 15-30 percent.
  • The specific situations in which you should use PowerBar® products, and why they’re so valuable.

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  1. Harry Lewis says:

    Dear Coach,

    As always, great knowledge passed on by you. Really appreciate these talks. Yes, this talk did touch someone, and that would be me.


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