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One of the greatest masters in Tibet was Geshe Chekhawa, who lived in the eleventh century. He was extremely learned and accomplished in many forms of meditation. One day when he happened to be in his teacher’s room, he came across a book lying open at the following lines:

Give all profit and gain to others,
Take all loss and defeat on yourself.

The vast and almost unimaginable compassion of these lines astounded him and he set out to find the master who had written them. One day on his journey he met a leper who told him that this master had died. But Geshe Chekhawa persevered and his long efforts were rewarded when he found the dead master’s principal disciple. Geshe Chekhawa asked this disciple: “Just how important do you think the teachings contained in these two lines are?” The disciple replied: “Whether you like it or not, you will have to practice this teaching if you truly wish to attain buddhahood.”

– Sogyal Riponche

photo:  WF Master Student L’Gate of NYC is one of our most benevolent supporters and sincerest students he now holds the current record for the longest-continuing Online Student;  he began Online Studies in February, 2003 and has gone on to record personal bests in mountain running, has become a yoga teacher, and has faithfully taking WF Pilgrimage nearly every year.  in 2008 he completed one of the three Sacred Sweat WF Pilgrimages; the Imogene Pass Run.  shown above stretching with Ananda after a morning run/stair workout during his April Private Intensive.  L’gate knows by Direct Experience and ongoing faith and trust in WF what Devotion can bring to a sincere Student…i think of L’gate when i read the above Teaching.  This Teaching is for my precious Shishya L’gate!   Master Student L!  what do you TAF about Iron Horse this May?!?  Someone’s gotta pressure Yogini PY!

2 Responses to “Spiritual Profit, Loss, Defeat, and Gain…”

  1. Alan Ludgate says:

    Blessings to you and Ananda Coach! As the photo shows, the only thing that has regressed during my WF Study is my hairline! Imogene was literally the high point of my Study, and still proud to say I was the top (only!?) finisher from the Bronx. Now as to Iron Horse…

  2. coach says:

    Precious L!!!
    as i write these words from Love for Thee, a trembling new student wavers, scared, on the verge of signing up for a WF Intensive…send him some L’Gate chi…for, as you know, he would Benefit from the Pilgrimage! you made me laugh out loud about the hairline; time for a shaven head? Man, you’d totally look like the WF Mad Monk which you are!

    love beyond the Teacher/Student incarnation…

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