pic:  el coache in Sacred Pilgrimage mode a few weeks ago
at the Imogene Pass Run…do my thighs look fat here?

Last Friday evening, a few of us had an intimate chat around the WF Tribal Campfire. The topics we convered included:

  • Mantras.
  • The Mealtime Blessing.
  • The role of bodywork in Wholistic Fitness.
  • The pleasures and rewards of Overhead Dumbell Press with 3-Stage Technique.
  • Bearing weight on the Greater Trochanter in the Kinlani Flow and Rock Vinyasa IT Band stretching movement.
  • The three Sacred Pilgrimages of Wholistic Fitness.
  • Why competitive “workouts of the day” and “yoga challenges” can spell disaster over the long haul.
  • Getting started with the Sunrider Sacred Herbs, and why they’re called “whole food herbs” (even though some of the products look like “pills”).

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    Infinite thank you’s coach

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